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Sentence first, verdict afterwards in Ireland


In the meantime, the prime minister has rejected calls for his or the government’s resignation. He has said he intends to see the rescue package and the austerity program approved by Parliament before calling an election, the reverse of the pattern that Sinn Fein, among other groups, has demanded.

Funny thing. Our own elites used the same tactic. We had the election, and then we get the Catfood Commission and the cuts. It's almost like these guys are all using the same playbook, or sumpin.

One of the O’Connell Street speakers, typical of others, urged the country “not to allow a government with no mandate, bowing to people in Europe who are not elected, to determine our future.”

We manage things better in our own banana republic: We have the legacy parties to provide the illusion that we determine our future. You know. "Hope and change."

Stuff and nonsense...

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And, yes, they've been using it everywhere since the mid 1970s. Miltie Friedman and his Chicago Boys wreaking havoc from Chile, to Great Britain to South Africa to Russia to Indonesia and now the good old U S of A.
My Irish client has been angry at his government for a long time. He had also put hope into Obama. I told him 2 years ago that Obama was not what he appeared to be. Now he believes me.

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And there is no good reason for a lame duck window. Swear in newly elected ones within a week or less of election day.