If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Send your worthless fiat money to me"

Awesome riff from lets:

All US money is Government fiat money or based on Government fiat money. Also US taxes can be paid only with US fiat money. Gold is no good. Bonds are no good. Stocks are no good. You have to pay those taxes in fiat money, and that goes for both creditors and debtors. the alternative is, eventually jail, if you refuse to pay.

[A]nyone who thinks that US fiat money is worthless can said their paper, electronic credits, and coins to me. I’ll be happy to relieve them of their worthless fiat.

Funny and concise.

Sally forth and do battle on the threads!

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Glad you liked it. I think I ripped off the basic thought behind it from Randy Wray, who has expressed similar sentiments from time to time.