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Senator (Bill) Clinton?

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In the Washington Post, Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac put forth this suggestion:

Amid the blizzard of résumés blanketing Washington as the Obama era dawns, there is a superbly qualified candidate for full employment whose name has been overlooked. We refer, of course, to William Jefferson Clinton, America's 42nd chief executive and commander in chief. Yet now, by a wonderful combination of circumstances, comes an opportunity to harness his unquestioned political talents to benefit his country, the Democratic Party, New York state and his spouse. If, as is expected, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes secretary of state, New York Gov. David Paterson could send her husband to the U.S. Senate.

This could definitely make me more reconciled to Hillary's move to Secretary of State.

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I wonder if it is something he'd be at all interested in doing. Obviously his foundation is a much bigger world stage for him. But his lecture and foundation activity looks like it will be somewhat hamstrung by the agreements he made to prevent Hillary from the slightest whisper of conflict of interest.

Bill Clinton is in Hong Kong for the next two days for the Asian version of his Global Initiative Conference. If I can get past the layers and layers of security at the Grand Hyatt (ha! fat chance!) maybe I will ask him if he wants to be my Senator....

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Another old white guy in the Senate, to replace one of the few women.

What's the point of putting him there? He'd have the same seniority problems that Hillary has had, and he does far more good on the outside.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

I was really hoping for Nydia Velázquez: don't know if she's on the short list, but a little birdie whispered her name to me when Hillary Clinton's name was first bruited about for this post.

But I'm afraid it will end up being Andrew Cuomo, (or another white male I dare not name), and given the option I'd prefer Bill. I suspect it may only be until the next election anyway - when is her seat up?