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The Senate HCR bill and the states: Will Kip Sullivan please pick up the white courtesy phone?

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Building Single Payer Systems in the States with the Senate Bill

One reason I'm less negative on the Senate bill than some is that I know states will continue to build on its framework with improvements -- and most of those states need just majority vote in normally apportioned chambers, so public support for things like the public option actually have a chance to win. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, the bill's Sec. 1332 makes it possible for states to do even more -- combine all subsidies that would normally flow to individuals and businesses into their states into a more integrated alternative state system, even a single payer style approach that goes beyond merely a public option. While states couldn't implement such an approach until 2017 under the law, it still creates a path towards state-by-state movement towards quite radical changes in our health care system.

Yo! Kip Sullivan, do you know anything about this?

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