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Sen. Chris Dodd on CBO Scoring of Healthcare, Credit Card Bill and FISA

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I have a tonne of video to sift through. This is the very first one that I am done editing, most of them are pretty long and there will be more from Dodd as well as some from Ned Lamont and Rosa Delauro.

Stay tuned...

You'll catch me at the end of the video mentioning the Feingold initiative on retroactive immunity and FISA, etc. I try to get a few points across throughout, as do others on other issues.

A really fine group of Nutmeg state Bloggers that many of you would recognize showed up to this "Blogger outreach" effort by Dodd and all had some great comments and questions. I tried to catch the other Bloggers talking when they did but if you hear talking and the camera is still on Dodd and his lips aren't moving then it is probably me yappin' away. lol

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