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Self-organization in Cairo and Madison

An awesome post from Scout Prime, who's present in the WI State Capitol, showing the self-organizing skills [#174] of the WI protesters. This is a common factor with Tahrir Square.

We really are looking at the emergence, no matter how fitfully, of a global movement. The neo-liberal elite has the advantages of a great deal of money, lots of weapons, internal lines of communication, and a clear doctrine ("playbook"). They are surrounded, however, by insurgent classes much more numerous -- and more innovative -- then they are, who know the ground on which they fight better than the elite do (so elite doctrine often fails when it come to cases). I would argue, further, that a doctrine of non-violence has strategic value; the Egyptian protesters seized and held the initiative throught their insurgency/revolution/revolt using non-violence, and we should learn from that (a lesson from the sixties, too, if you think about it; remember the University buildings that were seized and then trashed? None of that, now, and a doctrine of non-violence prevent such blunders).

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That's why I think the IVCS can work. We'll construct it so that we enable and support self-organization of voting blocs and electoral coalitions.