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SEIU sells out membership again

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Union leaders in flap over nurse-to-patient ratios

The president of a large health care union local made an unprecedented move last week to get support for legislation to temporarily relax nurse-to-patient ratios at California hospitals during meal and rest times.

Dave Regan, top exec at Service Employees International Union—United Healthcare Workers West, asked the board of the California Labor Federation in a call Thursday to “go neutral” on a bill if one was proposed.

It wasn't just Andy Stern, the whole leadership is corrupt.

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He makes enemies easily but I guarantee he is doing what he thinks is right.

This is the latest chapter a longstanding and bitter feud between CNA and SEIU. I do not have an opinion as to which union is more self-interested or more correct in its long run philosophy, and I do not have an opinion as to whether it is possible for California hospitals to come up with more money for staffing.

But I will note that the CNA only represents nurses, and the staffing protections only apply to nurses. SEIU represents the other lower paid workers. If extra nurses are brought in to cover each other on breaks staffing will be cut elsewhere. And it is generally the CNAs, not the nurses, doing the heavy lifting and butt-wiping while short staffed.

Feeding popular perceptions about corrupt union bosses is not necessarily helpful in this situation.