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Secret Meeting in the Snowfort Only for Grrlz

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All my energy to go out and have fun got sucked out of me today by the need to Be Dutiful, and so I'm not going dancing tonight. But I'm not a complete looser: I'm going to make candles later instead. Peaceful, craft-driven, functional...I love candle making. I recycle my used wax as well as that of my friends; for some time now, despite burning one or two almost constantly, I buy very little in terms of 'new candle' material as a result. I'm also into the whole "essential oil" silliness. Lemongrass is my new fav. It warms the whole room in the wintertime, walking into a room infused with lemongrass oil is like like slipping into a bathtub made of warm + yellow.

Men suck. OK, they don't, but sometimes I just want to say that. You can forgive me, right?

I wanted to expend some energy talking about what people do to fill long winter nights. Other than sex. Or, we could talk about sex, if you'd like. Just be creative. I'm as tired of consumerist sex narratives as I am all the rest. What do you do when the sex is over/not available/too expensive/too much effort?

Winter projects for me include:

-painting. I love sprucing up an old space, or an old thing, with a sanding job and a coat of paint. You need a garage or closed-door project room to do it in winter, but gosh the fun you can have!
Some time ago, I refinished a table that Wal-Mart would've rejected in the original finish. Now it looks so elegant and interesting...everyone who has seen it has asked, "oooh, what is that?" Funny how color changes our perceptions, not.

-Second Reading. Winter is that time when I go back to books I loved, or didn't understand, or want to remember again, or reinterpret. Sure, I'm always buying new books. But for the joy of the experience of "oh, I missed that the first time!" winter, fireside, leisurely book rereading is a major part of my February. Also- getting friends hooked on "new to them" older books, and then calling them and chatting about it after they've finished the series. A friend of mine just finished a major pulp-fantasy series, and he's wanted to speak with me about the characters every time he calls me since. Sucker. Heh, the author just entered into agreement with a Big Machine Studio to stretch the project out for a total of seven books/so many episodes or movies. Feel My Pain, bitch- we're at book 4 and this has been going on for years. At least we can commiserate together, now.

-New Stuff. This season, I want to learn to sew, or knit, or darn even. Or perhaps, learn to make some homegrown wine, or mead. For some reason, I'd really like to learn how to make mead. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. But winter is a great "research time" if you know you want to do something, and don't know how...yet. You can spend your free/lonely/down time in libraries, online, going to meetings and gatherings of experts and practitioners. It's hard to be bored when you're focused upon skill sets you don't have and need to investigate, or because you want the bragging rights that come to some at Spring Parties. "Oh, you got fat this winter? Well, I got smart instead." Trust me, it never fails.

-Reshape that body! or...not. But in winter, I get antsy, and it's the most likely time for me to try a new form of body-maintainence. I first learned yoga and TC in the winter, as well as a new dance thingee that only some were doing at the time and which made me seem extra Kewl later that spring, when the clothes came off and the podiums were all Fire and Spring Rain and Rebirth...

-Activism/Community stuff. I (imagine I) have a long list of people who would show up at my funeral, despite the fact that we've not spoken for years, if I were to die today and they had the time/resources to attend. These people include those who thank me for teaching them about...whatever, during some long, slow winter or another. Bridge. Gay politics. Book clubs and sewing circles. "Iron Chef" cooking contests held in someone's home. Spending a little time slopping food at a shelter, or doing their books/fixing their computers for free.

For the brave, google "justice ministry" and "drug war" and "sentencing nonconformity." I had one hot winter of that stuff, and I was never, ever cold.

What fills your snow-filled months, your non-growing cycles of the sun? When you're trapped inside and blogging seems dull, what do you turn to? I want to Know More.

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Submitted by Avedon on

Or we read books. Or we watch DVDs of Buffy over again. Or we hop on the exercycle. Or we finally clean our room.

At least, I think we do, but I have to stop doing the first two long enough to find out about the others.

(Note: Watching your TV is a good time to mend all those favorite shirts where a seam has split.)

Winter is really not much different from summer for me, except that the clothes change and it's dark earlier.

Seriously, if you have a warm coat and scarf, taking walks in winter is kind of neat, especially in the city if you manage to get out during that period where it's dark but everything is still all lit up. (Unfortunately, they close the parks here as soon as it gets dark, so I don't get to do much of the other kind of night walking.)

But mostly, I blog or read a book. I'm working on L.E. Modesitt, now....

More liberal media at The Sideshow.

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Submitted by Anna Granfors on

...wish I was crafty like you, CD!

I'm kinda in Avedon's camp...I'm doing lots of TV watching, but specifically lots of British TV that somehow found its way to my computer, in very burn-'n'-watchable .avi format. favorites have been the insanely good "quiz" show, QI, Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane, Green Wing, The Street, The Mighty Boosh, Shameless, and a host of amazing music shows. it's somehow VERY comforting to jack out of American media altogether, although I constantly run the risk of winding up with a Manchester accent.

British TV watching has the added benefit of going extremely well with wine drinking.

and, like I said, as total escape from America in the Retarded Years, it has few equals.

(and Avedon: "other kind of night walking"...tsk, tsk!!) ;)

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Submitted by Jakebnto on

I fill my non-work hours with COD4 (online), some maintenance (cars, house, relationships, etc) books, workouts, movies (dvd - I rarely go to the cinema but I loved Juno). I cook for friends sometimes, but that isn't a regular thing. I write, but not as much as I should. I have a story I need to edit right now (a romance!!!!) but I like it the way it is while my editor wants it changed. She's probably right, but that doesn't impress my lack of desire - my lod to accomodate others is very robust. > : )

Oh, and finally, I answer the phone. It's never for me unless it's somebody asking for money.

I did take my 15 yo granddaughter to see The Golden Compass last weekend. We talked about Juno and stuff. The talk was as much fun as the movie (both were fun). She is so cool. Way cooler than me at 15, and possibly way cooler than me now!