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The scum also rises

(As Hunter Thompson once wrote.) Scott Horton (go read), after reviewing the OLC memoranda, then a newly declassified report of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and finally an amazing document that Attorney General Eric Holder released yesterday, which has still gained little attention, writes:

The central role played by Rice and Bellinger helps explain the State Department’s abrupt about-face on international law issues related to torture immediately after Rice became Secretary of State and Bellinger became Legal Adviser. [The Holder document] also makes clear that Vice President Cheney and President Bush were fully informed of what has happened and approved.

But let's not look backward. Let's look forward! After calling for

We know now that the White House considers [criminal prosecutions] politically “inconvenient” .... So the big open question is whether we have an attorney general who enforces the law, or a Democratic version of Alberto Gonzales. That will become apparent soon enough.

Indeed. I certainly hope we have an attorney general who enforces the law. Because that would be a change.

NOTE The same reasoning applies to the financial crisis too, of course. The reason our elites are treating Bill Black like a leper is that they know he's right, and that they, or people they go to parties with, are guilty of fraud on a massive scale.

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Holders is still a bit of a mystery, to me. I still can't quite figure out where he stands on all of this, though, I instinctively feel that we can trust him to do the right thing more than quite a few others on this issue. I just don't have much to base that on.

One thing's for sure, though, while maybe not as cautious as his boss, and maybe realizing that his job requires him to do things that maybe the president won't ever, he still keeps his cards awfully close, and a bit too close for my comfort. I hope like hell that he pleasantly surprises us and shows us that he takes his role as the nation's chief lawyer seriously.