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No, strike that.



I can't write about the Presidential races right now, or the criminal Bush regime losing its tapes and its emails, and then finding them again, or not, and what McConnell has up his sleeve.

I have to go put my head in a bucket of water now. And I saw the local scrapbooking store walking home tonight and thought... Why?

Is this just a girly thing I'm destined never to get?

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but...that would explain the bucket of water.

Just throw some squirrels in the popcorn popper and pour yourself a 1/2 dozen cold beers. That always takes scrapbooking off my mind.


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good job, boys. perhaps a 'toolz rawk' post can be next.


i scrapbook. computers make it harder and easier at the same time. one is tempted to print out so much, but then you think, "it's got to be more than printouts of emails in here."

book making of any form is cool, and scrapbooking is more valuable than you think, when you get to the close of your life. it interests me to see how some older people really enjoy reading about their own histories, where books by professional authors now bore them.

scrapbooks are a great place to save tokens of special moments too, they only have significance to you, and you enjoy them in private times. lots of others too- when people unexpectedly pass, or move away/near, whatever. and sometimes you share them with special people, people who want to know you intimately.

anyway, scrapbooks are great rainy day, the kids are in town, po folk, nonviolent, environmentally friendly, slow time hobby. what up with the need to diss it? i could rant about pr0n, but that's boring.

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remember that scene in "V" where he shows her a Koran, a forbidden text? newsflash: that shit happens more than you may think. take a deep breath, i'm about to praise rich people- thank the goddess of all things historical that some little old ladies throughout history have liked to make "scrapbooks." without them, we wouldn't have so much as a note or word from some famous but now mostly lost authors. who the fuck knows what could happen to the intertubes? you techie punks have yet to make a format that will outlast the fucking stone tablet. drive your military surviellance tanks over their shards, i've got friends who put that crap together and make words out of it. after WWIII, and america's been completely nuked, and the last huddle of humans is hiding out in a cave somewhere, who will remember all the intertubes? be glad, writer, thinker, Great Man, that someone, somewhere, preserved a physical copy of your words. history's weight is very, very unkind to them. with a little Scrapbooking Love, a few of you may be remembered.

/steps off soapbox, natch/