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Scott Walker's budget FAIL

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Scott Walker changes timing on 2016 announcement

With Wisconsin's state budget impasse dragging on for another week, Gov. Scott Walker is changing the timetable when he may officially get in the presidential race — now linking it to the budget year, rather than when he actually signs the budget.

When asked Thursday about his 2016 plans, the second-term Republican governor noted the budget year, or fiscal year, ends June 30.

"For us, my goal has always been to get through the end of the budget year, which ends June 30th. We'll see after that. Sometime in July is a pretty good time," Walker told reporters in Ripon Thursday night.

That was a change from Walker's previous pledge — one he had made multiple times since late 2014 — that he would wait until the budget process was finished before formally deciding whether to get in the race.

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