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Scott Walker’s double-dealing exposed

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The Wisconsin governor learns the hard way that Stephen Moore is not someone to be taken seriously

The Republican governor of Wisconsin is (not yet officially) running for president and he’s been cultivating a relationship with Moore and his supply-side buddies for months in an effort to establish himself as the “pro-business” Republican candidate. That’s trickier than it sounds, given that business-minded establishment Republicans like Moore are generally in favor of immigration reform, while the conservative base voters that Walker must appeal to are vehemently against it.

Walker’s been deliberately fudging his stance on immigration to avoid pissing off either group, but in public he’s been moving further and further to the right to align more closely with the anti-immigrant base. That rightward shift on immigration unnerved Moore, who told the New York Times last week that he asked Walker about it over the phone, and that Walker told him, “I’m not going nativist; I’m pro-immigration.”

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