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Science for Beltway Dems!


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"Brainless creatures composed almost entirely of water, the primitive animals have quietly filled a vacuum... Dislodging them will be difficult... populations naturally swell every 12 years, remain stable four or six years, and then subside."

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Seriously. Jellyfish, mmm, mmm, good.

Gourmet Magazine has shopping and preparation advice:

Jellyfish: In restaurants specializing in Shanghainese and Taiwanese food, jellyfish shreds are often served as a sort of salad, with sesame oil dressing. Dim sum restaurants also offer this vitamin-rich protein, with its pleasant, clean crunch and hint of the sea, as part of a cold selection. As with dried shrimp, quality is important. The edible, warm-water variety has a large circular body top (”skin”) that becomes thinner and more desirable as the jellyfish grows older. Although it is available salted and dried in one-pound plastic packages, the best jellyfish is sold out of large crocks in markets specializing in Shanghainese goods. Unfold the pieces, cover with cold water, and soak for eight hours, changing the water twice. Before using, parboil about 15 seconds, then rinse under cold water before rolling the pieces up, one at a time, and slicing thinly.

A bit of mixed silliness and decent recipes for jellyfish and other oddments can be found here at Deep End Dining. OK, I confess, the only reason I linked is because Megan McCormick blogs there and I’ve carried on a somewhat disturbing secret lust affair with her for years. Secret in that she knows nothing about it (shh, don’t tell) and somewhat disturbing in that…well; never mind.

Consume more jellyfish, save the planet! What is the point, actually, of being Top Predator if you don’t eat everything around you?

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the higher life forms on this planet have evolved to form a feature called a brain. Even higher life forms have evolved an endo-skeletal structure including a feature called a spine.

This is helpful science for Dems in Congress.


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