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Say what? James Bond, eat you heart out.

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Perhaps, it's because this is only the unconfirmed word of a former CIA agent (though, are these things ever confirmed?), or maybe it's a double standard, but why did the media give this story such a passing glance? Can you hear the uprorar if the script was flipped and it was Iran clandestinely trying to disrupt and sabotage the internal governmental instruments of Israel or the United States?

Israel engaged in covert war inside Iran: report

LONDON (Reuters) – Israel is involved in a covert war of sabotage inside Iran to try to delay Tehran's alleged attempts to develop a nuclear weapon, a British newspaper said on Tuesday, quoting a former CIA agent and intelligence experts.

An intelligence source in the Middle East told Reuters last year Israel planned to target Iranian nuclear scientists with letter bombs and poisoned packages and had set off explosions in Iran. Analysts offered similar accounts and said such tactics would be credible, but no confirmation has been available.

Some analysts caution that reports of such a "dirty war" may form part of a psychological warfare campaign to unsettle Iran.

Say what, again?! Letter bombs, poisoned packages?! Oh, and the ubiquitous "no comment"

The former CIA agent told the Telegraph: "Disruption is designed to slow progress on the program, done in such a way they don't realize what's happening. The goal is delay, delay, delay until you can come up with some other solution.

"It's a good policy, short of taking them out militarily, which probably carries unacceptable risks."

Asked about the newspaper report, Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, told Reuters: "It is not our practice to comment publicly about these sorts of allegations, not in this situation, not in any situation."

Oh, and the ubiquitous tacit denial that this may really be going on:

"Numerous intelligence agencies are trying their best to do this. Not just Israel, but the Americans and many European spy agencies," he said. "If it's true, then it's putting pressure on the Iranian program technically.

"Even if there's no truth to it, it's part of what is a massive psychological war against Iran's nuclear program ... It's ... much more affordable than sabotaging equipment."

Keep and eye on how this developes, though, I doubt it'll be allowed to develop, at all. This (pariticularly the letter bombings) would hardly be above Mossad and the rest of the intelligence agencies reported to have a hand in this.

You know, I hope that when Middle East Clusterfuckers that are always just out of sight in Washington try to pull him into the shadows that he tells them fuck off. I hope "change" means an end to these shadow games that only help to fuel the suspicion of our motives around the world. If we want to play in the shadows, than I don't want to hear our government pretending to an honest and moral broker in the Eterenal Clusterfuck and talking up Iran as some secrete evil empire.

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been doing the same or very similar things actually, in any number of places, but now especially in Iran.

Not sure about letter bombs being used by the US having been revealed, but black ops and special services working within Iran, attempts to stir up insurgencies and unrest among ethnic minority groups in Iran have been written about by Seymour Hersh (among others?). IIRC, people were "taken out."

What I found interesting is that a former CIA agent was willing to talk about these Israeli gov't gambits to a reporter. Does that perhaps indicate some growing concern about the possible blowback of such actions on the US? That if the Israeli gov't is willing to take these actions against the Iranian people and gov't and go even further than the US, that we don't want to ge stuck with that additional blame?

We're still paying the price of takng down Mossadegh in Iran in the 1950's, right?

Is it bcz the Obama WH wants it known and that the Obama administration is trying to disassociate itself from BushCo's operations? Sending a message to Iran that the US gov't is willing to change from black ops to direct diplomacy?

Are some within the CIA concerned about the blowback and trying to alert Obama? Is Gates doing things the CIA thinks will be counterproductive?

So many questions. So little clarity.

But, of course, our gov't has been assassinating leaders for generations, if they get in our way. So we have set a standard of behavior which Israel seems to be following, just being more blatant about it. We certainly share tactics, some regarded as war crimes, in urban fighting. Fallujah's white phosphorous is different from Gaza's (which we supply to Israel) just how? We did tell women and children to leave Fallujah before the worst of the assaults (not all were able or would leave their male family members, relatives). We wouldn't let men of fighting age to leave. Israel just cut out some of the steps. Besides, where could they let the Gazan women and children go? Now, we also wouldn't let reporters into Fallujah, as Israel would not permit them into Gaza. Only a few daring reporters sneaked into Fallujah after the out assaults had calmed down a bit. It's just that there were reporters already inside Gaza to do actual reporting. And there were Westerners and cell phones in Gaza, all of which permitted some information to emerge during the invasion.

Again, thnx for posting this and, oh, how I share the hopes you express.

(Tangentially, Juan Cole wrote about Gazan children still suffering from various burns (regular munitions, plain fire, white phosphorous burns) screaming in pain bcz Gaza has run out of pain medication and Israel's gov't won't permit more to get into Gaza. It's a longish post, painful to read. Some are trying to engage public opinion to force the Israeli gov't to stop the siege.

Will Obama work to bring pressure on the Isreali gov't? Will it work?)