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Say No To Specter!

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Typically speaking, party incumbents usually have a better chance at gettin’ themselves elected than party new comers. The question is, does the same point hold true if the sitting incumbent was elected as a member of the opposin’ party?

Senator Arlen Specter, formerly of the Republican Party, is sure as heck about to find out.

In Tuesday’s upcoming primary, the five-term Senator will face off against Representative Joe Sestak… the very same Joe Sestak that’s risin’ like Old Faithful in the recent polls. Things sure ain’t lookin’ good for ol’ Specter.

In nearly every survey taken this month, Sestak beats Specter hands down. Neither, however, appear to lead when matched against the presumptive Republican nominee Pat Toomey. At least not yet.

Pennsylvania Democrats should be aware, despite the fact that both of our boys are trailing, Sestak’s stats fair markedly better than Specter’s. As if anyone could have guessed that the Right wouldn’t take too kindly to Specter jumpin’ ship.

Sestak appears to be a rising star… and is the best chance Pennsylvania has at a REAL Democratic senator. In fact, if the margin of error (a whopping 4.5 +/- points from Rasmussen) is considered, the congressman could already be leadin’.

So on Tuesday, if all y’all PA Dems really want to win, I got some real simple advice.

Vote Sestak.

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Submitted by nasrudin on

...I might change my registration to Dem, just for the opportunity to vote against Sleestak (and any other DLCer) on the ballot.

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Submitted by votermom on

for registering. But I understand the sentiment.
The GOPers I think are confident that Toomey will beat Specter anyway.

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Submitted by vastleft on

No se, ni me importa.

But I will take this chance to recycle my old Specter Magazine cover....

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

what DCblogger said.

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Submitted by Joe on

I'm no fan of Specter. He's a political opportunist and a coward. As a republican he never - not even once - actually stood up to the radicalism of the Bush Administration beyond cheap talk.

That being said, I'll probably vote for him tomorrow. Sestak is an "Obama Democrat." That is to say, he's a fake progressive. These people make my stomach turn. I won't vote for them anymore.

At least with Specter I know I have an intelligent guy with a lot of experience and influence.

I'm willing to be persuaded that I'm making a bad decision here. But I doubt this vote matters at all. Specter or Sestak? Are there any significant differences?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Here is the list of superdelegates, and who they supported.

Now, I don't know whether that makes Sestak any less atrocious. I find Gloria Allred pretty atrocious, and she was a Clinton supporter too.