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Say-Anything Obama’s Pretend NSA Reform

So Manning sacrificed so much to bring to the proverbial “bewildered herd” of us American citizens abundant evidence of war criminality. What happened? US war criminality gallops on. After all, we live under the supposedly” lesser evil” Dem Obama’s administration where he enjoys some kind of blank check to perpetrate evil and be celebrated for his governance's not being as bad as Bush’s or McCain’s or Hitler’s or fill in a name would be.


Manning has been punished with 35 years imprisonment having been tortured physically and psychologically under the zero tolerance for real patriotism Obama administration.

Snowden has risked his life (assuredly there is a drone with his name on it) for our sakes, as Manning has. NSA police-state surveillance gallops on as well. In fact it is about to get a media face lift by say-anything Obama et al. and become even more institutionalized.

By the way, Snowden seemed to have more sympathy and popular support from a serious number of the citizenry in spite of the hammering propaganda of his “treason” from politicians and the mainstream media than Manning. But relentless propaganda spin will continue to work its dark, ethically lobotomizing magic on the American psyche along with more "bull-shit" pretend transparency provided from the Obama administration and a do-nothing corrupt Congress.

David North and Eric London in “Liberal advocates of a police state turn savagely against Edward Snowden” write:

The campaign to discredit Snowden comes as no surprise. But what is particularly significant about the media campaign is the explicitly anti-democratic and authoritarian arguments that are being advanced to condemn him.

Even if the actions of the government were illegal and violated the constitutional rights of the American people, so argues the media, Snowden owed the government total and unquestioned obedience. The loyalty he owed to the state outweighed whatever moral and political obligations he felt to inform his fellow citizens of the government’s subversion of democracy.

This argument is being advanced most vehemently by well-known liberals, some of whom burnished their reputation as opponents of the Bush administration’s erosion of democratic rights in the aftermath of 9/11.

So much for the Nuremberg trials that damned the “we were just following orders” defense. North and London illuminate the “Nazi ethos” being utilized by our media and the anti-constitutional politicians controlling America.

This weekend a HAND-PICKED Obama panel will be submitting a report with suggested reforms to NSA surveillance. COSMETICALLY SPEAKING, of course!!! Just enough to give the IMPRESSION of reform. Enough as always for say-anything Obama and his administration. Obama since day one of his presidential career has committed himself to “impression management” to avoid responsibility, accountability or, let’s face it, real democratic, constitution and law respecting, minimally competent and minimally honorable leadership. He has been a front man for oligarchs since day one. The spinning he did to win the election in 2008 continues on, while democracy and citizens suffer to greater and greater degrees. The oligarchs of course, his puppet masters, are doing fabulously. And the collateral murdering of foreign innocents is clearly worth the profitmaking to our but not our amoral government and president with the amiable smile and the propagandizing CORPORATE media, along with our but not our also pimped-out by the oligarchs Congress.

The cognitive dissonance buzzing annoyingly in your head is the deconstruction of our republic. Just ignore it and turn up the volume of your tv.

Just get a load of the panel enabling Obama’s continuing defiance of the Constitution and sham NSA reform kabuki. Joseph Kishore in "White House-backed panel to call for cosmetic changes to illegal spying programs":

The composition of the panel makes a mockery of its supposed “independence” from the White House. It is headed by Michael Morell, the deputy director of the CIA from May 2010 to August 2013. Morell twice served as acting CIA director during this period. Prior to being brought on board by the Obama administration he managed the presidential daily briefings for George W. Bush, including at the time of the September 11 attacks.

The other four members are:

* Richard Clarke, a top counter-terrorism official in the administrations of George H.W Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush;

* Geoffrey Stone, the former dean of the University of Chicago Law School (when Obama taught there), who has publicly attacked Edward Snowden and defended the NSA spying programs. (See: “ Liberal advocates of a police state turn savagely against Edward Snowden ”);

* Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law School professor (also formerly of the University of Chicago), who is married to the US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power;

* Peter Wire, a senior fellow at the Democratic Party-aligned Center for American Progress.


… The five-member panel, established in the aftermath of the initial revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden, was set up to divert and dissipate popular outrage with a pretense of reform, while institutionalizing the spying programs.

Their report will be 150 pages long and will only focus on one of the many domestic spying programs Snowden has disclosed about. So the plan now is that the bulk collection of telephone records be held by telecommunications companies or other third party systems at the convenience of the NSA until needed, so TECHNICALLY the NSA appears not to be doing the actual collecting and storage but pretty much using other systems as its data filing cabinets with “VAGUELY” stricter standards for NSA accessibility. (TRUST US, the NSA demands, and our respect for standards, of course none having any remote respect for the Constitution). The panel sees such a flim flam concoction as TECHNICALLY LEGAL. Who cares if it is still an anti-constitutional bull-shit response to US BLANKET phone data surveillance? Spin, spin, spin.

The panel also endorses the NSA's monitoring of foreign communications. No problems with that.

Just bobble your heads and let the monster surveillance machine go its merry, privacy-invading, police state way.


According to the New York Times, another proposal is to create “an organization of legal advocates” who would “argue against lawyers for the NSA and other government organizations in front of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

The FISA court, which conducts its operations and issues its opinions in secret, routinely rubber stamps the surveillance requests of intelligence agencies. Adding “legal advocates” to this star chamber does not render it any less anti-democratic and unconstitutional.

So foreign heads of government will be spied on and call records and internet communications of billions of us will be seized.

Obama will brag about the transparency and responsiveness provided over the NSA. (His public relations challenge is all.)

Stockholmed syndromed hostages or sheeple or boiled frogs or deadbeats or Good Germans or frustrated patriots? Who are we as we watch our democracy circle the bowl and receive more and more insulting bullsh*t from the administration, politicians and media advising us simply to assume the ostrich position in, let’s face it, police state, fascistic America?

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