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Saudi King Officially Condemns US Occupation of Iraq

Um, George? The Boss is on Line 2. You might want to take this one sir....Rove? Not this time. Cheney? Nope, somebody who trumps even him. Sir, I really don't think the Chief of Protocol can handle this one....

So Froom a couple of hours ago (quoting Jim Hoagland) notes:

"President Bush enjoys hosting formal state dinners about as much as having a root canal. Or proposing tax increases. So his decision to schedule a mid-April White House gala for Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah signified the president's high regard for an Arab monarch who is also a Bush family friend.

"Now the White House ponders what Abdullah's sudden and sparsely explained cancellation of the dinner signifies. Nothing good -- especially for Condoleezza Rice's most important Middle East initiatives -- is the clearest available answer."

Um, Dan? That answer turned up just about an hour later (damn deadlines anyway) and in the NYT:

Saudi King Condemns US Occupation of Iraq.
The king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, condemned the presence of American forces in Iraq as an “illegitimate foreign occupation” in a speech today, and said the withholding of aid to Palestinians should end.

The king’s speech, at the opening of the Arab League summit here, appeared to distance his country’s position from that of the United States.

Um, yeah. One might say so. Makes dinner just a tad awkward, eh old chap?

See, sometimes handholding through the bluebonnets just isn't enough. How sad.

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Submitted by Ruth on

... that were going to keep the Family Crime Connections perpetualized just aren't making it are they? Pity.


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Submitted by Jakebnto on

for us, Iraq and the world at large. If the Saudis take an active and political (not martial) role in pursuing peace in the middle east, we will ALL be better off.

Not that they are the good guys, that's not the point. The point is that THEY have the most to lose, and so are likely to do what has to be done to make it all work. Clearly, GW let them down.

I hope this news leaves GW sick to his stomach. It's one thing if the peeps here in the US don't like him and his policies, but it's a way more bad thing if the Saudis don't like him anymore.


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Submitted by kelley b on

The King had his Consigliere tell the Idiot Son to keep the Endless War at a simmer, not a boil, to maximize profits for all.

Now the Idiot Son has a couple of carrier groups cruising the Straits of Hormuz- about a mile wide and 40 ft deep in places.

If somebody managed to hole one or both of those big mothers, they could block the straits for weeks.

Allah curse the Idiot Son, the oil must flow!

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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Submitted by Jakebnto on

but with this group (including the Saudis) cynicism has proved a valuable tool, has it not? Almost no matter how cynical you can be, the Bush administration can one up your darkest and most cynical moments.


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Submitted by Joe Bourgeois on

The pimp has just put the junkie ho out on the sidewalk. Wow. Even I never thought Bush could screw up the family's relationship w/the Saudi royals.

We really should start asking people if they'd hire him to run their business, so the media schmendricks can't try to pull this "he's yer cowboy beer buddy!" bullshit (or its analogue) next time.