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I love the guitar solo at the end; I think it's the flakiest thing I've ever heard. And now, the version:

Don't forget to exhale!

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Submitted by Andre on

person to highlight a post on marijuana. He supposedly smoked a pound of ganga a week and had virtually every kind of cancer there is when he died at a very young age. Indeed, I've been in favor of legalization since the sixties, but the weed plays absolute havoc with your lungs, probably a lot worse than cigarettes. I'm for legalization in powdered form (well, I think it's a good idea) so it can be added to your carob brownies made with honey and whole wheat flour. And trust me, you can get fucked up on brownies containing the magic weed!

Submitted by lambert on

... a pound a week is probably less than optimal. (IIRC, Marley also worked in an auto factory in NJ, and gawd knows what he breathed in there.)

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In some ways smoking weed is worse for you than cigarettes, because you tend to hold in the smoke longer. A vaporizer greatly reduces the amount of heat used to release the THC, so it's much easier on your lungs than a pipe or a joint. And you don't need a fancy five hundred dollar Volcano - you can get one of the wooden box models for seventy-five bucks or so that will work just fine.

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Right - almost forgot.

Everything I know about smoking weed in a vaporizer I learned from YouTube.

For medicinal purposes only, of course.