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Saturday Night Lo-Fi Blogging


"One night in Iowa..." (Coming Up Close)

Alas, or not, the corps would have none of her. The hit:

"I try so hard not to get upset / because I know all the trouble I'll get..." (Voices Carry)

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Apropos of nothing but I just ran across it and, well, had baaaad thoughts...

(re the songs above, I recognize neither of the ladies/groups performing. The "Iowa" one I at least caught almost half the words; it's nice, about as close to country as I can stand without going over the line. Second one, eh, well, not my thang.)

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Let's try to spell the man's name right, shall we? The man may have a son who kills dogs, but that's no excuse for lack of attention to detail. Snort.

Oh, and I picked Iowa for the Iowa caucuses, of course, even though Aimee Mann is in the soccer mom demo these days (the music is from the 1980s). I like the operatic quality of the second one. Plus, how many hot chick bassists are there? What's not to like? The rat tail? She looks like the "friend" your son brought home from school for the holidays?

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