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Saturday morning gardening post

Here's the latest on the rock garden.


Though to my eyes--as opposed to what I see in this picture--there's a lot more green than there is earth and rock.

The plants in the foreground, which have actually flowered and not died since I put them in, are, as farmer suggested, hasta. Farther along in the same bed are columbines.

For ground cover--and this is the challenge, since the environment under the Norway Maples is lethal--I'm testing three invasive species: vinca, again as farmer suggested, pachysandra, and another one whose name I forget (they're the plants with the little white flowers at the top right). There are also some violets and lilies of the valley.

Also, grass seems to root between the stones of the path, which is good. And I'm transplanting slabs of moss from where it grows now to the bare earth under the trees.

It's certainly fun to do this, and not incredibly time-consuming. The path is nice to walk on.

Now I have to figure out what to do to save the rhododendrons--all their leaves fell off, but scratching a branch shows green, so they aren't dead (yet). I gave them some Miracle-Gro (Wow, is that green bright!)

And maybe plant some tomatoes on the sunny side of the house.

NOTE It isn't clear whether Norway Maples actually emit poison, or whether their shallow roots suck all the nitrogen out of the soil so that nothing else can grow. (Again, how like the Republicans!)

UPDATE Xan points out that I'm not the only one.

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