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Sarah Palin channels Noam Chomsky

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In case anyone was wondering why Sarah Palin has lots of fans, it's for the same reason that Noam Chomsky has fans; she speaks the plain truth-where mealy mouthed administration apologists and pom pom wavers cannot.

Sarah Palin on Fox News

Chris Wallace: How do you think the OA has handled the oil spill so far?

Palin: I think there is a perhaps a hesitancy to . . . I don't know how to say this Chris, except to say that the oil comps who have so supported Pres. Obama in his campaign and are supporting him now . . . I don't know why the question isn't being asked by the mainstream media and by others if there's any connection between these contributions and President Obama taking so doggone long to dive in and grasp the complexity and the potential tragedy we are seeing here in the Gulf of Mexico.

If it was President Bush or a Republican . . . you know the mainstream media would be all over his case asking questions about why the administration didn't get in there and make sure the regulatory agencies were doing what they were doing with the oversight to make sure that things like this didn't happen.

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Submitted by madamab on

Sarah Palin is an amazing politician. She knows just how much to say and how to say it. I agree with you there. And, she is right about Bush and Katrina. Remember, though, that Bush had already been re-elected at that point. The media had nothing to lose by removing Bush's teflon coating. It's not like the guy was going to be impeached or anything. Obama is the press' current darling, so they won't be saying a word about the oil "spill" unless it's to try to cover up Obama's epic FAIL on this issue.

Far from telling the unvarnished truth, however, Palin conveniently leaves out the fact that her own philosophy of "drill baby drill" and calling for corporate deregulation is hardly compatible with her rhetoric here.

In addition, Noam Chomsky has no political ambitions. He just tells the truth as he sees it.

I'm sorry, but I don't think the parallels between the two of them hold water.

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Submitted by votermom on

The thing is, Palin does have some credibility in saying this, despite her drill, baby drill campaign, because her record shows that in Alaska she actually did hold the oil companies on a short lease. She wasn't a patsy.

(For the record, I oppose offshore drilling)

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Submitted by madamab on

but IIRC, that was in regards to pipelines, not offshore drilling. Pipelines are a far safer proposition.

She supports "free markets," corporate deregulation and offshore drilling.

That's the toxic combination that led to this disaster in the first place.

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Submitted by votermom on

and they are all toxic. I agree.

I blame Justice O'Connor, personally. 8 years of a President Gore could have prevented this, I think. But NOOO ...we are all hurtling to apocalypse 2012, instead.

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Submitted by madamab on

I think the same thing about Al Gore, although he's been ruined by Obama just like everyone else: he's been silent on OilMageddon. Can't upset Obama's re-election chances, you know.


Submitted by Anne on

just like every other politician out there; did the lovely and talented Ms. Palin happen to deplore the fact that Republicans didn't get on the regulatory agencies over which they had authority for the 8 years that preceded the Obama administration?

I'm guessing not.

And lest you think I am defending this administration, which has allowed almost 5 weeks to just drift on by while millions of gallons of oil spew into the Gulf, I'm not; it's their responsibility to address this, and I don't see them doing much except talking.

As for the media, here's some insight into their world. This morning I accompanied my mother to an appointment that involved a minor surgical procedure. The flat screen was on in the waiting room, tuned to CNN. Apparently, the two most important stories that deserved team coverage were: Sarah Ferguson's attempt to provide access to Prince Edward for $40,000, and...Lindsay Lohan's probation hearing! Followed by some asshat of a "meteorologist" who was chirping the "good news" that the oil spill, which used to cover 13 sq miles, now only covers some much smaller area. Not much talk about where it's going, but he seemed to think this was the result of the use of dispersant - you know, that toxic stuff BP has refused to stop using, even though the EPA ordered them to. And, you will all be happy to know that if the oil only coats the plants in the marshes, the plants will be okay, but if it gets down into the marsh bed, or onto the flowering part of the foliage, it's curtains.

I swear to you, he was "chirping" this news, as if it were Happy Time At CNN...

Now I did see part of a segment where some CNN guys dropped a camera underwater to observe what is happening below the surface of the oil slick. I didn't get to see it all, but at one point, they had the camera down near the bottom, where we could see a fish of some kind swimming, and the reporter said it didn't look like there was a problem with oil there. Don't know where exactly they were, so no idea how valuable their report is.

In any event, the coverage the oil spill got was probably one-tenth the time that was given over to the Dutchess and Lindsay Lohan.

This is why I don't watch this crap - because it is crap.

As for Palin, my dogs and cats could probably speak more truth than a warehouse-full of politicians and media-types, but that doesn't mean I want them running the country.

Submitted by Anne on

paid to sleep, they could take care of us in our old age.

The cats are ancient - at least 15 yrs old; one has gotten quite deaf - probably a good trait in a politician, no? - and their "feed me NOW!" meow feels like nails being driven into my brain, which is why we obey their every command.

Make no mistake, we're working for them!

Come to think of it, the nails-being-driven-into-my-brain is the same effect Sarah Palin has on me, which is why I don't watch or listen to her; it's bad enough reading what she says.

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Submitted by TonyRz on

Palin is ignorant, nasty and hateful. The fact that our famously free press hung on her every tweet in the first days after this BP disaster still makes me sick. We don't have to be like that. Duncan Atrios said well before the '08 primaries were over that Barry's best friends seemed to be Wall Street and Energy. Hang something on that, not HER.

I guess this is just a small plea for a Palin-free zone. It will help me put down the vodka and get out of this fetal position I'm maintaining on the floor as the news comes in about the gulf. (And I thought all this "fun" was over once we got rid of W. But it's 2005 -- no wait, 9/11 -- all over again. Remember, kids! No one could have anticipated that rigs would be a problem.)

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Submitted by john.halle on

If it will as you say, help you (and me, and everyone else) "put down the vodka and get out of this fetal position I'm maintaining on the floor as the news comes in about the gulf" by all means I'll be glad to keep this a Palin-free zone.

But this begs the question-what the hell is anyone doing, or even planning on doing. Chris Matthews in the clip linked to here suggest that we should "nationalize BP" and "kill the CEOs". I agree-though the problem is that none of us have the opportunity to do either.

We need to think about realistic, effective pushback which we can engage in on an individual and collective capacity which is commensurate with the havoc which BP has wrought. And, to be clear, I'm not talking about writing letters to the editor, or picketing in front of the local BP station.

It will have to be a lot more in your face than that.

Ideas welcomed.