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"Santorum" Dough A No-Go For Santorum Foe

Okay, we all know the ground rules of political donations. You do not let your campaign take money from certain types of organizations nor people affiliated with same-- the KKK, Aryan Nations, Pedophiles for Peace, Goat-Rapers For Social Change, Jack Abramoff, etc. No matter how badly you need campaign dough, you get more mileage out of sending some contributions back than you do from keeping them. But then again there are always gray areas. Perhaps this particular case is better described as a brown area....

Dan Savage sent dough to Bob Casey. Bob Casey is the guy running against Rick Santorum. Dan Savage is the guy who gave the word "santorum" the meaning it has today, the NUMBER ONE LISTING on Google if you google just the word "santorum." Number 2 is the pissant current senator from Pennsylvania's official website. Savage is still No. 1.

Except with the Casey campaign. They decided they had better decline a donation from Mr. Savage. Money with that brownish-silverish sheen on it would perhaps not spend well in the more conservative areas of the state.

Savage showed he's a good guy though. Rather than getting all huffy about this affront he threw the donation to an outfit called Philadelphians Against Santorum. All's well that comes out in the end well, or however that saying goes.

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