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Sanity on RealID

Janet Napolitano says "back to the drawing board"!

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Here in Michigan, our Republican SoS has been pushing for 'enhanced' ID's that essentially be the REAL ID's under another name. Scary thing is that she is in a good position to vie for the governorship when Granholm is term limited out of office (2010). I hope this idea of a national database goes the way of the dinosaurs. Obama was against it during his presidential campaign, but who knows what that actually means for us, today.

Between REAL ID and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which is to go into full effect in June, our once friendly border is now a complete hassle to deal with. The WHTI is going to absolutely decimate what has always been robust business and pleasure travel between Michigan and Ontario, and all because of the irrational fears of terrorism. We might as well just mine the Detroit River and call it a day. Our water borders haven't been this tight since the War of 1812 when Canada actually did pose a risk to us. lol