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Sanders to Host Single Payer Summit

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Single Payer Action

Senator Bernie Sanders will host a single payer summit next week in Washington, D.C. According to a poster announcing the event, the summit “will include discussion on how we can transition to a health care system offering universal access and next steps for single payer advocacy.”

Joining Sanders at the summit will be Public Citizen President Robert Weissman, University of Massachusetts economist Gerald Friedman, Dr. Margaret Flowers of,. Dr. Andrew Coates, president of Physicians for a National Health Program, and Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy at National Nurses United.

Last December, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) introduced a single payer bill (S. 1782). Five months later, it still has no co-sponsors. Not Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), not Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts).

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Submitted by jo6pac on

paid more attention if they would have invite Dr. Jill Stein to this. I do like and read Dr. M. Flowers.

Submitted by marym on

The Sanders bill is a state-by-state implementation. Does anyone have any references to an explanation of why he's suggesting this rather than HR 676?

His S 1782 bill is 189 pages compared to 30 for HR 676.

We had some discussion of the differences here at correntewire . The Sanders bill has had different numbers, including a House number and S. 703 which I confused further in that discussion by referring erroneously to S. 307.

Here is a comparison of HR 676 and the older version of the Sanders bill.

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I [heart] pnhp, and I really really [heart] don mccanne, but they need to rethink their position on that.

dismantling the only medical insurance we have that even comes close to being universal and publicly administered (that would be traditional medicare) in order to try to mimic Canada's path to "single" payer (it's not really) is basically going to kill off a lot of people who are living here in the confederate states.

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Submitted by Alexa on

basically serves as the "stalking horse" "possible "liberal" Democratic Party 2016 candidate, and "the Great Mollifier" for the Democratic Party Base.

Not to mention that both the sitting Democratic Party President, and the Democratic Party "Presumptive" Presidential Nominee [in her Miami speech] are steadfastly endorsing the ACA--with possible even more right-wing "fixes."

I wouldn't expect any "sitting or prospective" Democratic politician--Sanders aside, since he serves as a "tool" to manipulate the Dem Party Base and so-called liberal activists--to actually endorse "single payer."

Maybe I should "take that back." If you check out DKos, there's a writer who chronicles all the major bills that the most conservative of our Senate Dems, have supposedly jumped on board to sponsor. Can't remember the dude's name. I'll post it later, if I can recall it. His diaries are surreal--I believe that he must be a "paid shill," to write the bilge and drivel that he comes up with!

Possible exception, DLCer Brian Schweitzer, IF he decides to run for President. I would listen to his proposal, but would have to insist upon a great deal of detail regarding his proposal. His connections with a Tennessee healthcare firm--associated with the state's pathetic Medicaid program, which I've written about here--raise very serious questions for me. (That, and the vague and sometimes even contradictory language that I've seen in articles about Scheitzer's "Medicare-like" plan.)

I still love his Border Collie, "Jag," though! ;-)

Look, I would love to see these many organizations (several of whom I respect quite highly) actually effect a sea change in the Democratic Party Establishment's healthcare policy. But it is quite explicitly stated in many of the Healthcare Forums and Panels that I watch (on C-Span) that this will be avoided, at all costs.

Indeed, they will definitely be making changes (right-wing ones, dressed up like improvements for the Everyday Joe--when they're not), in order to STOP any single-payer movement from gaining momentum. That's why several Senate conservadems have already started offering up conservative "fixes" to the ACA.

And let's not forget--the Dem Party Establishment appears to disdain its Base. I suppose they can, and get away with it, because they know that (for whatever reason) many are too afraid "to not vote for them." IMO, until this changes, any movement coming from the Dem Party's own base will have very little, if any effect. But maybe I'm wrong. I hope so, for everybody's sake.

But from everything that I read, we are watching the absolute repeal of "The New Deal" programs. It is actually getting on a faster and faster "fast track."

Many talking heads are now predicting a partial Grand Bargain in the first six months of 2015. It is not a good thing that Wyden and Ryan will co-chair the Senate Finance Committee--as is evidenced by approval of the Washington Establishment. (Remember, Wyden and Alice Rivlin have joined with Ryan to author proposals which would "voucherize" Medicare.)

Just heard Rob Portman (this week) suggest that further "affluence testing" Medicare and the Part D drug program, and implementing the Chained CPI, would be acceptable concessions for many Senate Republicans to agree to "raising taxes" in 2015. He believes that this could happen right after the midterms, since they would a six month "window."

And, BTW, Portman also mentioned major reform of Medicaid--especially as it pertains to long-term care. There's a panel (I mentioned several weeks ago) working on following up on the Long-Term Care Commission recommendations, with their proposals for "fixing" the nation's long-term care system. (Haven't found the LTC Commission's actual report, yet. Wisely, they seem to be keeping it close to the vest.) IIRC, those recommendations will be issued AFTER the midterms, as well. (Probably in early 2015.)

Sorry, got way off topic. It seems that one "betrayal," reminds me of another, LOL!

[In advance, please excuse typos/syntax.]

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Indeed, they will definitely be making changes (right-wing ones, dressed up like improvements for the Everyday Joe--when they're not), in order to STOP any single-payer movement from gaining momentum.

yep. and I'm a fan of jag too. hard to hate on somebody who loves their dog.

one of the problems is that a lot of good-hearted and well-meaning people have been lied to for so long that they believe that these "improvements" really are improvements, and private insurance really can be as good as, or better than, single payer.

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Does Sanders realize that WTO rules apparently require any public healthcare - to have begun before GATS was signed in 1995, and be free?

No state is going to be able to implement single payer once multinational companies enter. They will OWN an entitlement to remain in the market FOREVER. In other words, they will OWN our healthcare future, thanks to these crooked administrations, secretly selling our rights to an affordable health care deal away.


Right now, people who work for a controversial British services company, are sitting in a warehouse near St Louis, spending billions of taxpayer money, doing absolutely nothing. Just to give multinationals a "right" to BLOCK SINGLE PAYER FOREVER.

WHEN at some future date - we vote the crooks out, ONLY THEN, we'll find we can't do anything, just like South Africa has. And it will be so embarrassing, they wont even discuss it. This is half a million dollars per person worth of difference over a lifetime. that money pays for an awful lot of disinformation and politicians.

If they don't mobilize Americans to meet the REAL threat, which is the fine print in all these FTAs, they are going to find that while they have ther summits which discuss other issues, the single payer battle has already been lost and they were all asleep at the wheel.

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I'm waiting to read how the Democrats force Sanders to hold his meeting in the tiny basement of whatever Congressional facility he's allowed. Then once his meeting begins, they turn the lights off on him. Those who can recall the tactics of Tom Delay's one party rule, and who dare to compare Democrats' efforts stifle Single Payer to the bad old Delay days will be shouted down. My Goodness - only a racist would want to repeal the miracle of Obamacare!

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It would ignite a YouTube/blogger/Twitter storm that would last for days,