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Sanders talks about the Senate bill

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Burlington Free Press

Sanders, an advocate for a more radical, single-payer solution to the nation’s health care problems, said he will offer an amendment calling for a single-payer system even though he knows it has no chance of passage. A single-payer system is one in which the government is the sole source of financing for health care services.

“It will lose,” he said in an interview. “What I am trying to do, and we have language in the bill to provide the option to states to go forward so they can consider a single-payer system. ... As long as you get the waivers that are necessary to go forward, that’s all I want.”

Where in the bill is that language? Because that changes everything. If Harry Reid's bill has state waivers, then it is well worth fighting for.

Bernie Sanders on Grit TV

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which Baucus, of all people, inserted into the Finance Committee's bill even before their markup. I can't remember the exact language, but it seemed to allow states to exempt themselves from participation in the public option and the insurance exchange in order to set up 'equitable' health care systems on their own.

I don't think it was as explicit in its support of single-payer as the Kucinich amendment. Moreover, the waiver must be granted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, which is a rather large problem.