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Sanders in Madison, WI

I listened to the whole thing, which is like 45 minutes long at least, without once wanting to put my fist through the screen. I'm so not used to that.

Sanders is in good voice, and when you think about it , 45 minutes is a long time for people to listen to a policy speech. But Sanders is in good voice, it's very hard to see how people could hate him, he's got good anecdotes. If he comes across to the youth vote as a "No bullshit old guy" he's going to surprise people.

Gawd knows what the reptiles on Clinton's oppo team are digging up on him, but if they don't meet the "dead girl or live boy" standard, they may have a good time. Of course, the press loves to pull wings off flies, and they will build a candidate up to take him down, but... Maybe this time it's different?

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Thus far his only real drawback appears to be foreign policy and he shares that with every other candidate, so it almost cancels out. He is making noises about pulling out of the GWOT, or, at least making other countries take point on that. I have gotten the impression that in his budget votes/F35 support he is just pragmatically going with the flow so as to keep within the pale; his support doesn't seem as ideological to me. I don't know that that is true, but it kind of feels like it.

We shall see. I would hate to think we are being hopey changied again, but at least he is doing a good job of making distinctions that he cannot easily back down on.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...Sanders still is forced to operate with the fixed system. That is death for non-compilers.
Clinton is near panic at Bernies numbers; surely something must be done about that.
Prove me wrong and I'll smile ear to ear...
The system is working just fine; corrupt to the bone...

Submitted by lambert on

We'll see what happens when Clinton deploys anti-Sanders oppo, but I have the feeling Sanders can sail serenely on, letting the Clinton machine do its machine thing, until a relatively gentle touch pushes it over.

$15 million should buy him some staffers. I hope that money gets used wisely....

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She cannot attack him directly and from what I read they know it, so they will have to use the time tested bot system as surrogates. Again, though, that will only piss people off like it did the last time. That play is pretty tired. The status quo is so damaged that virtually anything she does to defend it will backfire. She cannot answer concrete policy proposals with mushy non-answers because that will make her look shifty.

Her record is an albatross that she cannot lie about. The debates will be a killing field. Bernie can bring up Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan (shades of her Iraq vote) in the nicest possible way, leaving Hillary to splutter on about why a Nazi coup in Ukraine was the best possible answer to the neo-liberal project there....I think she is toast.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Her husband's legacy is under attack. Does she Sistah Soulja him, support him or waffle? Her response to that will be very illuminating.

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Too bad Obama's record and her own as SOS aren't under attack. Can't have that though, too many Bernie loving fauxgressives still have a hard-on for their Obama support. Now, Bernie is the Obama they say they thought they voted for.

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That said, it's quite something to see the word "socialism" used on TV; Obama would never have done that. Though I imagine the press will get into "pulling wings off the fly mode" soon enough.

Being an introvert, the whole tribalism thing seems ridiculous to be, like sports and fraternities. Now, if I were a politician seeking power, I'd take it as a fact of life and make use of it, as the Obama campaign seamlessly took over the Republican's strategic hate management against the Clintons in 2008.

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Depends how many "consultants" he has to employ to satisfy the party elites, I suppose. I consider that one of the tests of leadership he'll have to pass - keep the party apparatchiks bought off while not being weakened by their inability to win elections, or their ability to suck money away from useful efforts.

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Submitted by blues on

He's still pro-nuclear war.

My "precious" vote maybe goes to Jill Stein and the thoroughly corrupt "Green Party."

Get strategic simple score voting. Or be a sheep.

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Still, this perception needs to be fixed.

As if single payer and a free university education wouldn't lift up every black community....

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Black unemployment being what it is these days, youth unemployment in particular, I'd think Sanders' assertion that the government should serve as the employer of last resort would be a popular one.

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But whether he can make that case to them, I don't know. He did get a standing ovation at La Raza....