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Sanders Colludes With Kabuki Theater: President Will "Go On The Road" To Sell Already Signed "B-S" Framework Bill [REVISED]

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The absolute gall! The President will take to the road in January, after the Bowles-Simpson-type "framework" has already been passed and signed into law. And he will lead the charade that there is still time to change the outcome of "entitlement reform." Even worse, he will do this with the backing of none other than Senator Bernie Sanders.

I reach this conclusion because of the wording of one of Ed's questions to Senator Sanders:

"So Senator, you want President Obama to hit the road after the first of the year (to which Sanders nods), and go sell the American people, just like Bush did in 2005, when he won relection?"

The only way Senator Sanders could in good conscience possibly endorse a Presidential Road Trip, would be IF there is not a Bowles-Simpson framework passed and signed into law during the Lame Duck session.

And, from all that I hear and read, it is not likely that a framework will fail to pass in an expedited manner before the end of the year, probably shortly before or after Thanksgiving.

Yet, both of these gentlemen appear to be willing to be part of an effort to fool the American people into believing, that AFTER the framework is put in place, there is still hope that "entitlements" can be spared from the chopping block.

I believe that we're getting ready to witness the most incredible and cynical bit of Kabuki Theatre that's ever taken place (in my lifetime, anyway).


Perhaps I should have name this post, Lessons Learned.I would say that this marketing effort is a result of the White House NOT having propagandized the "Affordable Care Act" or ACA sufficiently. THIS TIME, they won't come up short.

One major difference though, is that the other bill actually did drag out over a year, while it was being debated and hashed out (mostly Kabuki, but maybe with a little actual horse trading).

And this will have already been settled BEFORE the "Big Lies" are propagated. I'm certain of this, because they'll have to have agreed to the "numbers or figures" before they pass the bill, and clearly that doesn't happen until some degree (perhaps without complete specificity) of specifics have been agreed upon. IOW, they will definitely know a good deal of detail as far as which entitlements will be cut (whether it will include "means testing," lowering the CPI-Index, raising the FRA for Social Security, etc).

[If possible, I will add a transcript of about 2/3's of this conversation later. Apologize that I can't get to it, now.]

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no one want this, but they are planning to do this anyway

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Submitted by Alexa on

this "until the ink is dry," and I'm not sure that I'll stop then.

If these draconian cuts do take place, personally, I will work harder than ever to get the word out. I'm going to start "Tweeting" every piece that I read on a blog, in the newspaper--whatever--on the Fiscal Cliff, the Grand Bargain, etc.

If nothing else, this may help efforts to build a viable third party, once people realize that the Dems sold them down the river on "entitlements." I use that word with a ton of snark intended.

I truly believe that the Democratic Party (like the Republican Party) is too corrupt to salvage.

(I know that you may not agree with that, and I respect your opinion, of course. But personally, I've given up on the Dems. But I've not given up on trying to build an alternative to them.)

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I have long advocated giving up on the Dems and building a viable people's party.

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As long as we quit when Congress does something unpopular, they will keep doing it. If they pass cuts to social insurance programs, we need to carry on a "Rep. X cut Social Security" campaign until the cuts are reinstated or until Rep. X is out of Congress. And we must not quit because the party assurances that Rep. X is less evil than the other party.

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[#]link here to a Summary of the Gang of Six Proposal from last summer when Obama was trying to strike a Grand Bargain.

Here's an excerpt:

Reform must ensure 75-year solvency of the program and provide for a decennial review to ensure it remains solvent. Any savings from the program must go towards solvency, not deficit reduction.

So these draconian cuts are just the beginning. Apparently, just as they have made this pay raises automatic so that they didn't have to suffer the embarassment of voting for their own pay raises. they will be writing "The Grand Bargain" in such a way as to continue "austerity" as it applies to Social Security. I imagine by them writing this into the impending "framework," this will be done every ten years under the radar, in Committee.

So my conclusion is, if we lose this round, we've lost. Which is not to say to abandon all activism, but it's probably too late. (Now, that's obviously, just my opinion.)

Heard the other day on XM radio (don't know which program was on, just that I had on the POTUS channel) that what happened in Iraq after the bombing and "shock doctrine" is now happening in Greece. And that is, most of the educated populace in both countries left. Which as the reporters pointed out, break down the civil institutions in a country.

I would feel much more hopeful is the Democratic Party hadn't sold out entirely. Same goes for the so-called "talking-heads," radio talk show hosts, progressive magazines [Katrina Vanden Heuval and her husband Steve Cohen were both members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) last time I checked], unions, AARP, and a host of other so-called progressive organizations.

Got a "phoney" activism email from Campaign for America's Future today. They'll be cheer leading the President's road trip along with Sanders, at the same time that they decry the cuts that are coming down the pike. Never mind that Obama appointed the Bowles-Simpson Commission, in the first place.

Clearly these so-called progressive groups are simply there to mollify the Democratic Party base, and co-opt any real push back on policies.

Anyway, I'll continue to fry to get the word out. But if this "framework" passes, I have little, if any expectation that "the American people" will be able to affect any change. Certainly it can't be done with the masses content to sit on their couches watching wrestling and Dancing With the Stars.

It is the apathy that is appalling to me.

I'm getting ready to post a couple of videos. One of Geithner talking about "the pain" that we're getting ready to experience. One of an economist describing Americans as "rural vs urban, takers vs givers, etc."

I have a feeling that the way Romney talked, is the way that all the Washington elites talk. And that's the reason for the Grand Bargain . That want the "takers" to do their part--start paying taxes, and quit being "on the dole" regarding Social Security and Medicare.

I'll get off my soap box, now. ;)

REVISION: Here's one more reason that they are cutting Social Security:

Male labor force participation in the United States declined
between 1960 and 1990 census, but has risen successively in 2000 and 2005.
Mastrobuoni (2009) examines this recent cut in Social Security benefits and the effect on labor force participation in the United States.

Here's the entire report link.