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Sanders: "Cautiously optimistic" on state single payer plans


[SANDERS] One of the reasons that I am a strong proponent of a single-payer, Medicare-for-all proposal is that it is much less complicated than what we are going to end up with in Congress. A single-payer approach saves hundreds of billions of dollars a year because you don't end up with thousands of different health insurance programs appealing to all different kinds of people and costing a fortune to administer. I am going to continue the fight for single-payer. I am cautiously optimistic that we may end up with legislation that will allow states to go forward with single-payer if they want to.

That's the important part. We're going to need some place to go when the "progressive" concept of health exchanges shits the bed.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

I am normally a great fan of Sanders, but I gotta say that apart that snippet (and I can't be optimistic being in a red state) I was not terribly reassured as to what will come out of the totality of this mess, having watched the youtube at the link posted.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

country, start adopting single-payer health care, they will become much more competitive as far as costs of labor go. Coupled with the declining dollar, it should serve to drive the actual production of goods back from the 'right-to-work' states into the states with single-payer systems.

It will be a reverse of the migration of labor that's typically been going on. That should serve to force certain states to adopt single-payer in order to keep up.

And if they don't adopt it, there will be a migration out of those states and into the states with single-payer.

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sanders is going to pull an anthony weiner in the senate, offering an amendment to substitute his single payer bill, s703, for the senate health care bill and it's supposed to also get a floor vote.

iirc, he's also going to introduce a kucinich amendment, to allow the states to set up their own single payer systems.

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Submitted by Bryan on

People keep forgetting that Bernie isn't a Democrat, he's an Independent, so if he votes for a bill, two separate parties have voted for it. Of course, that's the reason he doesn't have a problem being a true progressive/liberal - he's not a Democrat.