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Sanders (and others) on the Charleston shootings

From the Twitter:

I'd say that means that Brooklynite English is enthusiastic. Interesting.

Also interesting is that Jebbie's response to the shootings was to cancel his appearance. Sanders hired a bigger hall. We'll see how the Sanders thing goes, on Sunday. That should be interesting, too.

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Bernie's chance to win SC may be gone. Even though blacks own guns, they support gun control. Bernie has a HORRIBLE record on gun control. Hillary will beat him over the head with it, as is her responsibility. That is why we have elections.

Clinton has always been popular with the black vote, and now she seems to be seen and Obama's legitimate successor. In all the stories I have read about Bernie meet ups, blacks have been conspicuous by their absence. So Bernie has his work cut out for him.

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... are mostly young men (I think in Politico, and maybe only NH).

So that's a problem. It would be funny to see "cling to guns and religion" come up again, in a different way. Good point.

OTOH, I think he knows this; that's why the bigger hall.