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Sanders and McDermott introduce Single-Payer bills to Congress

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(ETA: with a twist!)

via HealthCare-NOW!

From Senator Sanders's statement:

The American Health Security Act of 2011 would provide federal guidelines and strong minimum standards for states to establish and administer single-payer health care programs.

There is also a single-payer bill afoot for NY State... details when I have them.

Post-and-run as I head off to Wall Street...

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I meant to post this, but involved with an important project that is getting in the way of blogging (but in a good way).

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According to my source, Assembly Member Richard Gottfried will introduce this bill when he has a majority of the Assembly as co-sponsors, something that is very likely to happen because the bill has been voted in by the Assembly twice before. (The State Senate has then failed to pass it.) I cannot find the text of the bill online anywhere. My source sent me a pdf of a summary of the 2009 bill, which is very similar to or identical with the one that is to be introduced this year:

Enacts the New York State Health Plan, a comprehensive system of access to health insurance for New York state residents: provides for administrative structure of the plan, including its status as a public benefit corporation; provides for powers and duties of the governing board, the scope of benefits, payment mechanisms and cost controls; establishes the New York Health Trust Fund which would hold monies from a variety of sources to be used solely to finance the plan; establishes a mechanism to collect plan premium payments (an 8% employer premium and a 2% employee payroll premium, which may be paid by an employer, plus a 9% premium payment on self-employment income); establishes a temporary commission on implementation of the plan and makes a
$500,000 appropriation therefor; and directs the superintendent of insurance to examine the premium rate structure for insurance underwritten in the state and to identify that portion of premiums which are attributable to health care expenditures due to implementation of the plan.

According to my source there are at least 62 co-sponsors lined up (possibly more) out of 76 needed. I would suggest that any New Yorker whose assembly member is a likely or possible co-sponsor of this bill contact their office and ask them to support it. (Even if they have already agreed to co-sponsor it can't hurt to hear from constituents.) He suggest you say something like this - if contacting staff:

“Please tell Assembly Member XXXXX to support Richard Gottfried’s single payer bill – the 'New York State Health Plan.' Gottfried will introduce the bill when a majority of Assembly members have expressed their support for it, so please have XXXXX contact Gottfried’s office and join the growing list of supporters.'

(Sorry, I don't have a list of co-sponsors either. My source, who is near the center of Single Payer activism in NY, is being rather coy, I am not sure why, but he may have good reasons.)