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Sam Graves's lowest common denominator campaign gets lower

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Wow. Graves goes even lower. If you listen closely, the ad does refer to her as "Gay Barnes." I bet they thought that was funny -- and you know the folks in Graves's office say that to each other several times per day.


Of course, the mastermind behind all this is "media consultant" Jeff Roe, who is about as reprehensible a campaigner as I'm aware of at any level of politics -- and I'm including Karl Rove. He's one of the major reasons that Missouri politics is rapidly becoming a cesspool.

However, the weird thing is he's on a losing streak lately. He hasn't won one in quite a while. In fact, if you hire him these days that tends to mean you're out of touch and you're going to lose. Yet he still gets hired. Roe is, both literally and figuratively (be sure to get a look at his picture), an 800 pound gorilla in Missouri GOP politics.

In fact, he's now a consultant with one of the leading GOP gubernatorial candidates, Sarah Steelman, whose campaign workers apparently do all of their work while they're at their state jobs in her State Treasurer's office. Of course, I don't think it matters who the GOP nominee for governor is, polls show all of them running more than 20 points behind Jay Nixon, the presumed Democratic nominee.

Here's a link to my earlier post about Graves's despicable campaign tactics.

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Her Emily's List Bio is here -

Hopefully, she'll win. She looks like she'd make a good representative. And even if that's wrong, it's hard to see how she could be worse than Graves.

I feel for you, tom. I lived through Helms vs. Gantt in North Carolina. Ugliest thing I've ever seen and it's absolutely hell to sit through those kind of campaigns, where one side makes you ashamed to be human.