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Salon still peddling narratives of Democratic weakness

If Thomas Frank keeps writing like this, I'm gonna have to stop paying attention (not that he cares, or Salon cares, but I have better things to do). Let me excerpt the high low points:

How to wreck the GOP in 3 easy steps!
President Obama is in the doldrums. ...

It’s time to snap out of it. Obama is still the most powerful man in the world. The nation still needs presidential action. And the Democrats need action too, if they’re going to avoid disaster this fall.

Last week, I asked around for suggestions, things the Obama administration could do, all on its own, that the Republicans in Congress would be powerless to stop. ...

These days it’s either show some boldness—some confrontational cleverness—or resign yourself to killing time for the next two years and hoping President Hillary (or President Huckabee) gets better breaks.

1. President Obama should instruct his Attorney General to start enforcing the nation’s antitrust laws the way Democrats used to do. ...

2. Investigate and prosecute fraud committed during the housing bubble. ...

3. Make it clear that he will no longer tolerate the college tuition price spiral. ...

Looking back over all the suggestions I have made here, I begin to suspect that the administration’s stagnation isn’t a problem of ideas, it’s a problem of backbone.

Of course, Obama isn't going to do any of those things, probably because he thinks they're all bad ideas, and won't help with funding his Presidential library anyhow. Remember "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks"?

So Franks' post is really just red meat -- more like pink slime -- for Obama's rump faction of Democrats, the people who still believe in "Make me do it." But everybody knows, and studies show, that neither party gives a shit about what their base thinks. Politics is about values and interests, right? Our political class doesn't have the values, and it's not in their interest, to do as Frank suggests. The Democrats don't lack "spine," they just won't ever do what Franks suggests.

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Submitted by McDee on

What is astounding to me is that someone like Frank, who has always seemed to me a pretty astute observer, could write somethings along the lines of "what the Democrats (or Obama) need to do..." That's the kind of crap that keeps turning up at The Nation Magazine.
The Dems have no intention of doing any of those things. That should be readily apparent by now. Sheeesh!

Submitted by lambert on

... and you won't get to go on The Nation cruise!