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Sally Quinn offers spiritual advice to the Obamas

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Via Back Alley Media we learn the latest in Versailles pretentiousness, Sally Quinn presumes to tell the Obamas where they should go to church.

It tells you everything you need to know about the National Cathedral that they would consent to be quoted in such an article. Anything less spiritual would be difficult to imagine.

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Submitted by lambert on

... is if the Obamas would say "It's none of your business where we worship, or if we do at all. Now leave us alone." And I'm not saying that because of the Wright debacle, but because I'm tired of hearing about the whole thing and I wish that Quinn, et al, would give it a rest.

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Submitted by amberglow on

she is the "moral" arbiter of what's acceptable and proper ("godly" even) in the Village--and her history is no better (prob worse) than everyone she judges publicly all the time.

"... That attitude produced one moment of high comedy (and something more generally pornographic than anything in the Starr referral): Sally Quinn's Washington Post piece about how Bill Clinton offended official Washington, as much by the challenge to the Washington power structure in his first inaugural address as by his later behavior. This coming from a woman who -- as Esquire noted, referring to Quinn's affair with and later marriage to Post editor Ben Bradlee -- "fucked the boss, broke up his marriage, became the toast of Washington. Twenty years later, decides to get self-righteous with Clinton."


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Submitted by tnjen on

The question is if the Obamas don't go will Ms. Quinn do to them what she did to the Clintons? I think she would and it would be just as nasty. If a 'slight' were to happen, I think Michelle would also provide every bit as much 'material' for Quinn as Hillary did. I hope the Obamas are better at dealing with her than the Clintons were. My advice: go to her damn weeney party when she asks.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Idiots like Quinn will never be marginalized if people keep acquiescing to her desires.

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Submitted by tnjen on

...and that means she has to be respected in some fashion or you'll pay a price. I hate it but short of her having an 'accident' how can you contain her? If you ignore her like the Clintons did then you reap all hell in return. I'm all ears to any ideas on how to actually marginalize her effectively. How do you think it can be done?

Submitted by ohio on

about Hillary Clinton and someone else going into a room and only the someone else coming out, I was livid. So I got to call you on the 'accident' thing. Ms. Quinn may be so idiotic it's an insult to idiots to call her one, but wishing her physical harm? Naw. Me and you don't have to use cheap-ass tactics--let's use pricey-ass tactics.

Ignore. Ignore again. Then point and laugh at what is laughable. This is laughable. Maybe she'll next prescribe which hymns they should sing. Or maybe she shoudl start writing the homilies.

I am not knocking your concern re: fighting back on the organ grinding melodies of the Villagers (ha! I just got my own double-entendre and am giggling like a ten-year-old). I think this is a fundamental fight for PB2.0 to take on. Perhaps pointing out the Ms. Quinn's concern about the Obamas' collective spiritiual well-being is not going to get this tumor removed from the base of my spine. Or clean up the environment. Or stop you from losing your job. Unrelenting return to what really matters, the ultimate flyswatter, may be the only way to trivialize the chatter of the trivilaizers by pointing out the shit that really matters. Or how many Iraqis are dead and missing because of us. or how children are still dying in Africa from preventable diseases.

Hooboy, that's a long list.

Not picking a fight and my apologies if I sound sanctimonious.

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Submitted by tnjen on

...If I wasn't clear, I didn't mean to advocate an accident but was trying to say short of that happening she isn't going to go away and that she has to be addressed.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Is what the Clintons did, and that is succeed regardless.

I don't think the Obama's get this, but hopefully they'll learn it.

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Submitted by amberglow on

judged --and condemned-- both Clintons. By the time they actually moved to DC, it was set in stone, i'd say.

From the women and adultery, to the "2 for the price of 1" and "i'm not going to be baking cookies", etc, they were fauxtraged by both Bill and Hillary--esp people like Quinn, who were guilty of the exact same things they condemned them for.

And they're thrilled that Michelle's gonna be "first Mom" and not work at all, and chose the proper private school, etc--the Obamas (and esp Michelle) are already playing the roles the Village wants them to.

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Submitted by tnjen on I was too young to have paid attention to most of that -- especially the inside stuff. There was a Salon article that cited the cocktail party turndown as the event that unleashed Quinn's full ire on the Clintons.

I've encountered women like Quinn a lot and my experience is that while you'll never stop them from stabbing you, you can determine the field of battle. Playing nice in public and observing the dumbass rituals usually limits them to talking about you in private behind your back but ANYTHING that can be observed as a public slight allows them to go at you full throttle.

Quinn is a viper in a pit of vipers.

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Submitted by Damon on

This is all so very tabloidy. Dogs, and "First Mom", and puppies, etc...It's like a People magazine spread. The Obamas could simply do what most people do with nosey 'neighbors', you know a whole "thanks for the advice" and call it a day. There really isn't any need for anything additional. No biggie, really.