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Safeguard Properties? What have you done with Janine Moors' wedding dress?

"Foreclosure crew clears wrong Texas building":

COUPLAND - Workers tasked with emptying a Central Texas home set for foreclosure instead dragged away a 16-foot boat, a backhoe, wedding dress and love letters from a neighbor's barn.

The company, Ohio-based Safeguard Properties, acknowledged the mistake that occurred in broad daylight in December, but has yet to tell Mike and Janine Moors what happened to about $150,000 in possessions including family heirlooms and keepsakes.

"Are my things in storage somewhere?" Mike Moors, 53, an unemployed construction worker, said to the Austin American-Statesman ( ). "Have they sold it at auction? How do I explain to my wife that she may never get her wedding dress back? There were many other heirlooms taken that are priceless." ...

The couple doesn't understand how the mistake could happen. There is no house on the property where the barn sits about 35 miles northeast of Austin, and a fence separates the property from the neighbor's.

And now for the kicker:

The Williamson County Sheriff's office, where the couple filed a report, agreed that while the situation wasn't right, it wasn't a crime. A detective told them it happens all the time.

I believe that. The banks have impunity. They can do whatever they want.

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Submitted by Hugh on

So if this property had belonged to someone rich and important, you think the Sheriff's reaction would have been the same? If thieves came and stole the stuff, they would be looking at a serious felony. Someone steals the same stuff on a bank's say so, and crickets.

Submitted by lambert on

If we paid the banksters better, they wouldn't have to steal people's stuff!