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Sadly, US Prez & Congress Conspirators to Intl Murder (Sadder, Citizen Accessories Don't Care!)

I'm sorry. I gotta declare it. We've steam-rolled our way through Iraq, Afghanistan with more atrocities to come. Now, Pakistan statistics are pouring in. And the latest garden path of U.S. devastation is being set by the pols and media and cronies of Israel for a war with Iran. We even have Castro chewing on his fist from our militarized psychopathology over that imminent war.

Judy Woodruff on the Newshour announces that the biggest concern of Americans is unemployment. Yeah, understandable. Concern over starvation and homelessness from unemployment deserves attention as our money finishes its trickle-up to the top .1% of the population thanks to the corporate cronyism of the ex-guardians of the public trust.

But you would think participating in mass murder might be competing for attention, too, among the human beings residing in the United States? Oh, wait. What am I thinking? This is the United States of Denial. Or, what Gore Vidal calls the United States of Amnesia.

Is there anyone left in the United States who still believes that the U.S. is at war in the Middle East for humanitarian reasons or for U.S. national security? Seriously. The resource rich Middle East? The military industrial/security complex lucrative profiteering? The "neo-program" of what James Petras recently called "imperial barbarism"? The egotism of the members of the governing and oligarchical and military patriarchies? These are the factors, folks.

Yesterday I entitled my blog, "Every Man/Woman in the Beltway/Media Village is a Liar." I aimed that title against Obamaco and the media for their disinformation campaign in fluffing up the faux-historic accomplishments of the Obama regime. The military disinformation makes that disinformation small potatoes. Disinformation or more like total reporting black-out.

I'm thinking I should have saved it to call out the horrifying and chronic denial or minimization of the violent horrors being perpetrated in the Middle East and in our clandestine gulags around the world or in our thug allies' proxy gulags for heinous acts of violence and cruelty. Call it murder. Call it genocide. Call it ethnic cleansing. Call it medieval torture. Call it the heart of darkness of America.

I'm thinking, now, this title I used above does seem to fit my embittered spirit. Especially since the legacy parties are hustling to people please up some votes for mid-terms. Ask them why they spend $100 billion plus a year on viciously murdering innocent people in foreign lands? 1 million Iraqis dead, 4 million displaced. Afghanistan numbers, what will they be? A-Q isn't even seriously in Afghanistan, but what the hey ... the military can adjust. Inertia ... once a killing machine is in motion it stays in motion. Spin a new lie. And kill, kill, kill. The hell with indigenous peoples. The hell with the physical or mental maiming or death of the troops, too. Except when the administration, Congress and military go faux-sentimental and use the suffering of the troops as a reason to PROLONG these horrendous wars. We are dealing with power addicts. Addicts! They have no moral compass in their quests for power and domination.

And now Pakistan death tolls are coming in. Our supposed ally. PakistanBodyCount estimates for every 57 innocent victims a/k/a collateral damage, 1 militant target is killed. There's a new rule of engagement for invading sovereign lands. It is called "hot pursuit" or something. Catchy, huh? And something about, well, our soldier is actually in Nevada at the joy stick sipping on a Starbucks or Big Gulp, or whatever, so technically our unmanned drones are not culpable human invaders, incineration capacity notwithstanding. I'm sorry, I don't have the link for that one. But it will be surfacing more and more I have no doubt. At least on foreign alternate media. And a new euphemism for collateral damage, what do you think? "Suspected militants." That one mentioned below. How much lower can we go?

From the Nation:

Already the US has been carrying out drone attacks against Pakistanis, killing thousands of innocent citizens in their wake and perhaps in the process a few militants also. Meanwhile, US covert operatives and Special Forces have spread themselves all over Pakistan and these revelations and warnings in the Pakistani media have been there for some time. Now the US has begun the next phase of its agenda targeting Pakistan and that is the aerial gunship attacks from across the Afghan border into Pakistan.

On Friday NATO admitted that two gunship helicopters had entered Pakistan and killed 30 people – euphemistically termed “suspected militants” – just as Dr Aafia has been penalised for being a “suspected terrorist”!

Tom Peters reports about horrifying revelations re Afghanistan (re mercenary U.S. hired death squads) thanks to Bob Woodward:

September 30, 2010 "WSWS" - -The new book Obama’s Wars, by long-time Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, publicly confirms that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been running a private army of Afghan mercenaries since at least 2002. On September 22, the Washington Post reported that the 3,000-strong so-called Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams (CTPT) are “being used for surveillance, raids and combat operations in Afghanistan [and are] crucial to the United States’ secret war in Pakistan, according to current and former U.S. officials”.

Unnamed US “intelligence officials” told the Post that the CIA began to assemble the Afghan force “almost immediately” after the invasion of the country in 2001. According to the paper, the units are based in Kabul and Kandahar as well as Firebase Lilley and Forward Operating Base Orgun-E in Paktika province, which borders Pakistan. The Associated Press reported that “some have trained at CIA facilities in the United States”.

The CTPT units operate in secrecy and are unaccountable to either the Afghan army or the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Some of their activities, however, were revealed in the 76,000 US military documents published in July by WikiLeaks. The Post report notes that “Army field reports suggest that the Afghan paramilitary forces can… be ruthless. On Oct. 23, 2007, military personnel at Orgun-E reported treating a 30-year-old Afghan man for the ‘traumatic amputation of fingers’ on his left hand. The man had been ‘injured by Afghan OGA during a home breach’, according to the report.” Afghan OGA stands for “other government agency” and is “generally used as a reference to the CIA,” according to the Post.

Such acts of brutality are carried out with impunity. Jonathan Horowitz, a human rights expert from the Open Society Institute, told the Associated Press (AP) on September 22 that given the group’s secrecy, “accountability for their abuses is nearly impossible for most Afghans. These forces don’t fall under an Afghan military chain of command, and if a civilian is killed or maimed, the US can say it wasn’t the fault of the US.” The AP reported that Horowitz “added that Afghan civilians have regularly accused these paramilitary groups of physical abuse and theft of property during night raids”.

"Traumatic amputation of fingers." The next step beyond waterboarding? Don't you think we should start facing down and then speaking up about the horrors being perpetrated in our names?

Bradley Manning allegedly brought us 76,000 (thus far) samples of atrocities. And our government, U.S. Murder Inc., will earnestly strive to lock him up for over half a century. And American citizens yawn and re-stick their collective head back into the blood soaked sand.

And now Bob Woodward has brought us more evidence. Not a video, mind you, but the man gets the details. Conversational details, even.

Tom Peters, again:

The Pakistani government, while officially condemning the attacks, has been fully complicit with the CIA in carrying them out. Woodward’s book describes a meeting between then-CIA Director General Michael Hayden and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari in November 2008 in which drone strikes were discussed. Zardari reportedly urged the CIA to continue the attacks, saying: “Collateral damage worries you Americans. It does not worry me.”

No, Mr. Pakistani President, you evil, evil, evil traitor to your people. Collateral damage does not seem to seriously worry most Americans or the administration or the Congress. Would that it did!

BTW, did I hear that Woodward compared our Obama to Mr. Spock of Star Trek? Mr. Spock, the alien to whom EMPATHY was totally alien. Hmmmmm. Might account for the continuation of Bushco's Murder Inc., you know, our continuing national nightmarish hangover after all that Obama hopium.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California gets it:

Domestically, civil rights advocates have challenged the legality of the National Security Agency's warrantless electronic surveillance and wiretapping activities. The detention center at Guantanamo Bay, operated under the pretext of "all necessary and appropriate force," continues to symbolize our eroding constitutional values. United Nations officials have expressed concern over lack of accountability within U.S. intelligence-run targeted killing operations, most notably drone strikes and related civilian casualties. Further, U.S. involvement or tacit backing of military operations in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere shows that an indefinite pursuit of loosely defined global targets is opening the door to war without end. All this, and more, started with that fateful vote on Sept. 14, 2001. Encouragingly, we are hearing bipartisan calls both inside and outside Congress that America cannot afford, nor is it in our long-term national security interest, to wage endless war around the world. As long as the expansive mandate of the 2001 authorization remains in force, the politics of "victory" may result in an ever-growing U.S. military commitment.

She wants to repeal the 9/11 blank check for U.S.-brand terrorism Congress gave the President and military.

To God's and America's sand-encrusted ears.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

is of course when the money runs out and Murder, Inc. comes home. that won't be pretty.

Submitted by Nancy Van Ness on

My question is, and has been, what should persons who know about them do about US atrocities? In addition to these unspeakable aggressions abroad, now the FBI has raided the homes and offices of anti war activists in Minneapolis and Chicago. It is naive to believe that this will abate. The soft solution of luring those who were more anti Bush, anti McCain-Palin than anti war into supporting the Democratic candidate has vitiated much of the anti war activism that existed before the 2008 elections. It did not all collapse, however, so now the pressure is increased and intimidation of those who are seriously working against US wars and military aggression around the globe is brought into play. This is particularly alarming considering the Bush regime's "laws," enforced vigorously by the Obama regime, that allow the executive to deprive any persons, including US citizens, accused of being an enemy of all rights up to and including killing them.

I would be curious to know how many readers of this blog participated in one of the twenty protests around the country of the FBI raids of activists. I would be curious to know what readers of this blog are doing concretely other than blogging to stop these wars: how many work with others in organized resistance, how many participate in war tax resistance, to name just a few of the ways people can begin to make their resistance to US aggression real. Ditto for those who participate in organized demands for universal health care, jobs, end of foreclosures, end of privilege for banks and corporations, protection of the planet, etc.

For me, there is no justification for failing to do what I can when I can. I know persons who are full time activists whom I cannot emulate; but I can commit to taking actions regularly and to putting my outrage into action. Unlike the good Germans whose children and grandchildren of my generation taxed them bitterly with having allowed the Nazis to take over their country, I act in part in order to be able to tell my children and grandchildren what I did to stop atrocities here, and to show them what persons of conscience can do. I would like to be able to show them in my lifetime that the efforts of people of conscience prevailed eventually. I fear that will need many more people willing to act than now are.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

I was in downtown Detroit in front of the McNamara building Tuesday in the protest (FBI headquarters) (I felt they needed a new headshot of me :) ). As far as calling people out as to what they are doing, I find it more effective to call them towards what YOU are doing. Give people an outlet, so they can do whatever they can..let's face it, survival is now the top priority for at least 1 out of 7 citizens, probably more, and when your children are hungry, protest goes out the window. So I see my campaign as a true "representation" of the citizens of my district, who, BTW, are probably hurting more than the average American, and I am out there FOR them, in their place, because most of them are just days away from tragic illness, homelessnes, and hunger.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I think of that quote, "Life begins at the end of one's comfort zone." Another one from T.S. Eliot, "If I am not in over my head, how do I know how tall I am?"

We have to fight the good Germanhooding of America!

We need to be true left Americans. Fighting for the constitution. Not for a crony team in a national game as if government is a sport so media can titillate viewers with dramatic commentaries, the hell with the reality of malice, violence, corruption, justice, etc., etc.

World Can't Wait is a great website for anti-war activism and its name says it all! :)

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

I tried party politics for 5 years. You know, that change it from the inside deal. Ran up against the machine. Ran up against bullies. Bsucus. Tester. So now I'm just working at a very local level to stop the tea partiers and militia.

Submitted by lambert on

Anything you want to post on that... Feel free...

Submitted by libbyliberal on

local level sounds profound ... tea partiers and militia, gulp.

in NYC don't have to worry about being outnumbered by the industrial strength tea partiers and militia, though more conservatives than I bargain for everywhere! ny post really hypnotizes many! murdoch's marauders!

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Submitted by stuartbramhall on

I think it's time for Obama to tell the truth about why we are really at war in Pakistan (and Afghanistan) - namely the Chinese built deep water port in Gwadar, Pakistan - which will guarantee the Chinese a virtual monopoly on Iranian oil and natural gas. Scapegoating al Awlaki for a cyncial political agenda is not only morally bankrupt, but a violation of the US Constitution and international law. I blog about this at

Submitted by libbyliberal on

It is still unclear whether the US military seeks to take over and occupy Pakistan’s tribal areas; whether they want to support Balochistan in separating from Pakistan to form an independent US friendly independent oil, gas and mineral rich independent state (like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in Eastern Europe); or if they will be content with their continuing campaign of terrorist activity and economic sabotage. There is no question that the military activity is disrupting the development and operation of the port.

It seems incredibly cynical and hypocritical for the US to carry on this ruthless economic sabotage against Pakistan – especially with the recent floods that have virtually destroyed the country’s economy – and then to demand, via the World Bank, that Pakistan repay $50 billion in foreign debt.

Imperial barbarism. Anything goes! An opportunity for partnership and cooperationg with the crisis ... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Patriarchy, power and control addiction .... military machine inertia to stay in motion.

Human casualties not important. Craven. Heart of darkness America!