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#S17 open thread

Today is the Occupy Movement's one-year anniversary.* I freely admit that I was far too pessimistic, and that the Occupations, their flowering, and their propagation, have given me more, er, "hope," than anything in years.

So, hash tag #S17.

It looks like they're going to try to bring Wall Street to a halt with small group tactics -- a virtual Occupation, if you will. Let's see!

UPDATE Not sure if this is a wish or a report

UPDATE Daily News (which was pretty good in the Fall):

But “The People’s Wall,” as Occupiers called it, fizzled out [how???] and protesters took to marching through the streets, chanting slogans and singing “Happy Birthday” to their movement.


UPDATE Guardian:

There were four distinct meeting points this morning, with each group planning specific actions, and if anything those groups have splintered into more protests as the morning has gone on. At least three protesters in wheelchairs were arrested outside Bank of America near Zuccotti park at around 10am:

So dunno what the Daily News means by "fizzled."


I don't know why police hate chalking so much. It washes off in the first rain!


These are the new tactics; "small pieces loosely joined." Debt is the strategy. Makes sense.


UPDATE Spokescouncil in Battery Park. Good numbers!

Probably 1,000(?) people at the Spokes Council in Battery Par... on Twitpic


NOTE * Though we should not forget that the Capitol occupations preceding the Arab Spring took place well before Occupy proper, and that even though the "call for papers," as it were, for Occupy Wall Street was issued by a Canadian publication, Ad Busters, the personnel and planning came from all over the world, and were heavily influenced by the "camping" events in Europe, especially in Spain.

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It's funny, I wrote about this in 2009. Perhaps it's finally steam engine time.

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I like steam engines, being a trains fan, but I'm not sure what you mean.

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It's a term I first saw from William Gibson:

There’s an idea in the science-fiction community called steam-engine time, which is what people call it when suddenly twenty or thirty different writers produce stories about the same idea. It’s called steam-engine time ­because nobody knows why the steam engine happened when it did. Ptolemy demonstrated the mechanics of the steam engine, and there was nothing technically stopping the Romans from building big steam engines. They had little toy steam engines, and they had enough metalworking skill to build big steam tractors. It just never occurred to them to do it. When I came up with my cyberspace idea, I thought, I bet it’s steam-engine time for this one, because I can’t be the only person noticing these various things. And I wasn’t. I was just the first person who put it together in that particular way, and I had a logo for it, I had my neologism.Interview With William Gibson

I have a copy of what I wrote sitting around, and I can probably reformat it and put it up on Corrente.

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-- In NYC, the intended focus on debt was drowned out by the police state drama.

-- The Occupy Seattle march, though small, had a more focused and effective message.

-- IMHO it was a mistake to schedule the main activities on a weekday. Do it on a weekend or holiday so more people can attend without missing work.

-- Face the fact that NYC is an authoritarian police state that is not going to allow Occupy to have large Euro-style demonstrations, especially not near Wall Street and their precious bull. I don't know what the alternative is, but it's time to start thinking about alternatives.

-- there were many good individual signs at OWS, but it seemed like everyone was doing their own thing with no consistent, clear message. The feeling was more like a hippie festival than an organized protest -- not that I have anything against hippie festivals.

Even a disorganized protest is better than apathy, so I'm grateful for the Occupiers despite wishing they could do things a little differently.