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Ruth Marcus flacks for Warren Buffett

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Ruth Marcus

Is Congress going through the ordeal of trying to enact health-care reform only to have one of the main pillars -- requiring individuals to obtain insurance -- declared unconstitutional? An interesting debate for a constitutional law seminar. In the real world, not a big worry.

Single-Payer & Interlocking Directorates
The corporate ties between insurers and media companies

At the Washington Post Co., two directors are on the board of insurance conglomerate Berkshire-Hathaway, whose subsidiary General Re sells health reinsurance. In fact, Washington Post director Warren Buffet not only chairs Berkshire-Hathaway’s board, he is the company’s CEO. (Berkshire-Hathaway is also one of the 10 biggest U.S. advertisers, along with pharmaceutical company Abbott Labor-atories—Ad Age, 6/22/09.) Another Washington Post director, Thomas Gaynor, is the vice president of insurance company Markel Corporation. In the past six months, the Washington Post has published hundreds of articles on the subject of healthcare reform, fewer than 25 of which mention single-payer. Fewer than 30 percent of the sources who spoke about single-payer in these articles were advocates of the plan.

As Massa and Kucinich have pointed out, the present proposed bill is a bailout for health insurance parasites and Buffett needs that bail out. So the Washington Post will support this bill as soon as that pesky public option is removed.

All crony journalism all the time.

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...becomes law much of the citizenry will join the 420 People as out and out lawbreakers and not afraid, or embarrassed, to stand up and say so.

'Tea Baggers' will have a field day.

The only good thing will be the early exit of President 'Doofus' in 2012. But...

...the resurrection of the ReThugs is far too high a price to pay for that, say I.