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Russian Meteor video fest

Lotta links here.

And a lot of video and audio effects for a rather small chunk of rock!

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I loved the one with the sound of hte shock wave.

Did everyone have prior notice or did it suddenly just appear?

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I don't think so. NASA's briefing on the asteroid notes that they were trying to figure out how big it was. Plus, if someone had known we'd be visited by two asteroids in one day from opposite directions, I think someone would have written about that.

Submitted by Lex on

Russian roads are a class unto themselves. The combination of absolute driving mayhem, regular insurance scams, physical violence, and corrupt police lead Russian drivers to install the dash cams to collect evidence in case it's needed.

I've done a fair number of dangerous things for fun, including activities like running off the side of a mountain and operating a car at speeds in excess of 150 mph as well as jumping out of airplanes. However, all my near death experiences happened on Russian roads when i used gypsy cabs to not only get around St. Petersburg but also as a hobby. Driving in oncoming traffic ceased to be all that exciting after a while because it was a regular occurrence. Playing chicken with trams, careening down sidewalks, and the like were things that people just did. Russian road rage can be unnerving.

I once road with a guy who got really upset with this young woman who cut him off (this may have been class based as she had to have been a "New Russian"). He proceeded to detour far off course so that he could chase this girl. He swerved at her threateningly at times, until oncoming traffic forced him to pull in behind her. He'd pull up next to her and scream in spittle-flecked rage while acting like he was going to run her off the road. Finally, he got the angle he was looking for and managed to arc a phlegmatic creation from his throat onto the windshield of her car directly in front of her face. it was a neat trick. After that, he calmed down immediately and became the friendly stranger i got into a car with again.

This was before the days of dash cams in Russia though. That's too bad, because i would have gladly paid extra for dash cam footage of some of my rides. It's too long a story for here, and the post i thought i wrote on it elsewhere isn't showing itself, but my experience with a Chechen in a dangerously rattletrap Lada was about 20 straight minutes of honestly thinking that i would die. The last left turn, against a light, power sliding through the intersection with the bumper of a bus slipping past my door by literally inches leading to hitting the curb in front of my building and almost rolling the car because of it left me tumbling out of the car with more gratefulness for solid ground and life than i've ever known. Which is when he collected his $3 and told me to thank Bill Clinton for his people when i saw him next.

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I am just really surprised NOBODY in the footage I've seen, was concerned. One guy only said "Weird" as an object eerily similar to an ICBM descended from the sky.