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Rushmore can't wait

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The man about whom everyone tells us "wait until he's done something" now has a school named after him.

In an emotional ceremony, a plaque commemorating President-elect Obama's future accomplishments was unveiled in the lobby, before the students went to their homerooms and voted "present."

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But, but, why won't you think of the children, VastLeft? Won't anyone think of the children? How can you deny the smile and elation of a child? You're a bugf%cking humbug; that's what you are.


For the sake of the prematurely excited community, I hope he's a good president, 'cause, those former board members that have allowed any Richard M. Nixon Elementaries to get through are probably still kicking themselves...

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as if bugbuggery weren't enough....

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but not as good as seeing the Obama commemorative plate ad yesterday. It had the requisite ratio of black to white people. And the plate captures the essence of this "historic victory" with the phrase Change Has Come under an oddly creepy photo of Obama. He looks good but his eyes have this odd glint to them. Should I really be petty about it and mention the typo in the ad..."cirtificate of authenticity." Sure, why not.