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Rules are rules

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The Obama Rules / Clinton Rules clearly state that Hillary is on the wrong side of everything.

So why is the Congressional Quarterly blog letting facts get in the way?

The mandatory penalties set forth by the Democratic National Committee’s delegate selection rules call for outlaw states like Florida and Michigan to only lose half of their delegates to the national convention. And yet the DNC went beyond its own rules to add further penalties, stripping those states of all delegates.

The DNC rules also prohibited public appearances and electronic advertising before the polls closed by candidates in states that had jumped the approved primary calendar. Barack Obama made a public appearance in Florida in September 2007, talking to reporters after a fundraiser. His campaign also bought television ads on cable news outlets that ran throughout Florida before its renegade primary.

Strictly speaking, if the DNC rules were tightly construed in this case, Hillary Rodham Clinton would receive half of the Florida delegates she won and Obama would receive none -- the penalty for violating the campaign ban.

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Since logic and reason seem to be a potent antidote to CDS, I'm guessing that Craig Crawford is no longer welcome on Countdown -- and probably hasn't been since Olbermann's CDS came into full-bloom.

I haven't watched for quite some time so I wouldn't know for sure, but that's my hunch.

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Like Jamison Foser, Boehlert is always a good read and if IIRC, he let the bloggers know during Atrios' get-together that the Hillary-bashing, i.e., misogyny was... unkewl. Think it made Rude Pundit change his stand-up routine. I'd have to go find the link to back up what I say from Susie Madrak but I'm too lazy at the moment.

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The Democratic Party Delegate Selection Rules - these are the rules of the Democratic Party, not the "rules of the DNC" - clearly state that the 50% penalty is both mandatory and a minimum. Rules and Bylaws, at the sole discretion of the R&B Committee and not subject to any other authority, can in addition strip a state of all delegates to the Convention AND take away all representation on the three Standing Committees. As harsh as R&B was, it could have been worse.

Craig clearly did not read the rules all the way through; two major mistakes in a very short post. Better staff work, please.

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BTW, appeared on Don Imus in April. I emailed him more than week ago asking him what were his reasons for appearing on Imus. He hasn't replied so far.

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John Conyers ran a series of radio ads urging Detroiters to vote Uncommitted as a vote for Obama. Obama was specifically cited in those ads.

So Obama did stealth campaigning in both states.

Regarding bringiton's comment it should be noted that the DNC's function is to put together a presidential nominating convention and to coordinate the nominating process. There is no national Democratic Party.

It hard to see how "it could have been worse."

The imbecilic use of the death penalty could lead to the nomination of a faulty candidate and loss of the general election, the possible penalty for what this really appears to be. An internal struggle to control the DNC.

Michigan and Florida were submitted to extraordinary rendition.