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RSS feeds once more

Readers, I've noticed from my site logs that the Quick Hits feed (RSS logo under the Quick Hits block) works. The front page feed, however, has not worked -- AFAIK -- since the relaunch, because there's a bug somewhere: A space is being added as the first character in that feed, and this would take a squillion hours to track down.

However, it may be that I have found the answer:

1. I revamped the "Recent Posts" block to include events, transcripts, and products, besides blogs;

2. I made a feed URL for that block: node/feed (see the RSS logo beneath "More" for that block;

3. I believe that URL is the URL for the front page.

4. However, can some kind reader, who used to subscribe to the front page feed for the site, tell me if my belief is correct? If not, what is the URL?

Thank you!

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I just subscribed, and the info was loaded into the little drop down menu. I was able to go to today's Plantidote just by clicking on the drop down menu item.

It works at least that well...

FF 19.0 on Linux Mint 13, for whatever that's worth.

Submitted by lambert on

Please let me know if it keeps working as expected....