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Roy Scheider is Dead and Living in Chicago

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American Lazarus:

The Times' campaign finance expert Dan Morain has found Obama campaign records reporting a $50 donation by Roy Scheider, who lists his occupation as actor and his home as Sag Harbor, N.Y....

Trouble is, Scheider died exactly one month before that, on Feb. 10, at age 75. Just another example of Hollywood's undying affection for Democrats.

Obama recently reported other donations from breathing actors: Sam Waterston, $2,300; Lynn Redgrave, $600; Sydney Poitier, $250; and Treat Williams, $100.

Scheider was unavailable for comment.

The story later states that the posthumous donation was due to an automated monthly billing process.

Or so the undead would have us believe.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

why not the graveyard donation?

"McGovern - Mondale - Dukakis - Obama

The few, the lame, the losers

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Submitted by leah on

...making the inaccurate point that they've used to steal elections now for a decade - i.e., that Democratic voter rolls a rife with dead people. Or yes, Zombies. Because I'm sure they will be happy to integrate the "zombie" meme into their concern for free and fair elections, the standard for which are whether or not a Republican wins.

As VL points out, although the incident is amusing, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the seeming irregularity. And it could just as easily have been a Republican making the contribution under the name of a dead guy who was well known and who had died recently.

BTW, Chris Matthews regularly talks about the Democratic Party as if these were still the days of both Boss Tweed and Richard Daly-pere.

So, let's not emphasize the rightwing talking point here, even if the contribution was to Obama.

And yes, according to the Clinton rules, this would be further evidence of inherent corruption. But please remember that these tropes are used equally by the right, which means also the SCLM, whose narratives are derived primarily from the right, against all Democrats.

And one final note, there isn't much evidence that JFK stole the election in Chicago by way of Mayor Daly, and Richard Nixon did not, for the sake of the country, agree not to challenge the result; he was ready to but pretended to be acting nobly when he realized he didn't have the evidence to win a protracted recount. Just thought I'd get that GOP talking point out of the way, while I was at it.