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Router update

So far, so good. Faster, no dropped connections.

For starters, I got a 30-foot Ethernet cable, and plugged the new router into a port in the back of the old router, and set the new router up closer to the garden. So far, so good.

Of course, I've seen this before, and then the situation deteriorated. And there are literally thousands of posts at Apple Support about fucked up WiFi and the general consensus is that it's Apple, and in particular OS Mavericks. So we'll see how it goes.

However, the variable of me and the tenants using the same router has been eliminated, at least.

Now I am going to go dig up some soil and make a squash mound, assuming I can remember what I did with the squash seeds. Some kind soul reminded me that squash has very short growing season, and so, heck, why not put some more in?

UPDATE Post squash mound: Still good.

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Submitted by okanogen on

I am SO sorry I haven't been a help in this process. Boo hoo.

That said, while I am a HUGE fan of wires, the router you bought actually has two separate radios. In Luci you can give them different names and passwords and connection parameters. That means one WiFi connection for tenants, and one for you, with different controls on traffic.

Submitted by lambert on

I think a tenant fucked up the firmware on the other one, at least with respect to my Air. And it was always a little flaky.

When I install Luci I can do as you suggest, which is just a good thing for everybody anyhow; now the house has better WiFi.

And I don't have to do the wires immediately, probably can't, since things are tight.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...about your website. Can't load, time-outs, etc. Today (all day) I have not had one problem. First time in months. Yeah! Cheers.

Submitted by lambert on

... but cheers. I worked on it daily for hours in Bangkok, although (I grant) with WiFi problems in Internet cafes there, so I can only conjecture causes subsequent to my departure.