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Round Up, I Mean "Regulate" Citizen Journalists

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El Gato is right to make fun of this guy's combover as well as his pathetic 'reasoning.' Christ, just look at the title:

Unfettered 'citizen journalism' too risky

My God! Somebody think of the children!!

Supporters of "citizen journalism" argue it provides independent, accurate, reliable information that the traditional media don't provide. While it has its place, the reality is it really isn't journalism at all, and it opens up information flow to the strong probability of fraud and abuse. The news industry should find some way to monitor and regulate this new trend.

I wonder if that will involved inviting us to parties at Plato's Retreat, or showing us pictures of our grandmothers and goats. I'm not convinced the Villagers have other skill sets and abilities when it comes to "regulation."

The premise of citizen journalism is that regular people can now collect information and pictures with video cameras and cellphones, and distribute words and images over the Internet.

"The Premise," hmmm, is that a new teevee show I missed. Um, Dood- people are "now collecting" all over the place, you just heard about it? Man, that interweb thingee must be mighty slippery, it keeps escaping the grasp of so many Villagers.

Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people "journalists." This is like saying someone who carries a scalpel is a "citizen surgeon" or someone who can read a law book is a "citizen lawyer." Tools are merely that. Education, skill and standards are really what make people into trusted professionals. Information without journalistic standards is called gossip.

Personally, I aspire to be more than "citizen collaborator" and "citizen sycophant," but that's just me. When it comes to emulating the standards of today's journalists, I confess- I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge. People always know when I'm lying, or trying to make excuses for assholes.

So without any real standards, anyone has a right to declare himself or herself a journalist

Teh Horror! Anyone, I mean, plain ole nobodies can report facts, take pictures at events, ask questions, and write opinions. And thanks to this tubular modality of computers, other people can read that, even comment and expand upon the issues! Pass me the smelling salts.

It's just a matter of time before something like a faked Rodney King beating video appears on the air somewhere.

I can't believe he's suggesting that there are untrue things on the Intertubes. That's unpossible! Next he's going to tell me teevee isn't real, and the NYT employs proven liars.

Journalism organizations should head that off. Citizen reports can be a valuable addition to news and information flow with some protections:

• Major news organizations must create standards to substantiate citizen-contributed information and video, and ensure its accuracy and authenticity.

I wonder to whom I'll have to report, for my license to exercise my First Amendment rights. Oooh, can I have Bobo? I want to take him to a bar here in the Midwest, where they're really, really appreciate his opinion about how to be authentic. How about Armstrong, I bet a brother could help me out with some cash flow problems I've been having. I know, I'll get Judy to teach me how to sleep with my sources, that's the kind of standard I want in my life.

El Gato's version of this post is probably much funnier.

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