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"Like a rotten mackerel in the moonlight, he shines and stinks"

Another gruesome, self-congratulatory, and revisionist post from Chris Bowers:

Barack Obama persuaded progressive activists to change their minds not because those activists are sheeple or because activist organization leaders operate in "veal pens," but rather because Obama developed new messaging that was more convincing than the likes used by myself, or BTD, or anyone else on the left who was making contrary arguments. He just beat those old arguments, plain and simple, and the progressive Internet space changed.

That sounds like pure crap, to me. But what would I know? I'm a racist!

Chris, can we talk? Can we get real, at last, at long last?

Obama beat those new "progressives" with money, plain and simple. That, and access. That's why the "progressive" Internet space changed.

NOTE What can you do with a guy who's working on his personal branding because his life's ambition is to become Ezra Klein's personal assistant?

UPDATE I suppose oozing faux sincerity is preferable to outright triumphalism. So there's that.

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Submitted by mass on

Ok, then, you damn fool, you got rolled by some fancy rhetoric. What the hell does this fool think the outcome was?

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Submitted by selise on

... about that. i'm about to the point of not reading there anymore.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

I do think the best prescription is not supporting w/ hits/traffic. Laughing at 'em gets old, anyway. Let it collapse on itself while new, fresh voices come to the fore.

I've made a concerted effort to visit "smaller" blogs over the last two years. It's far more rewarding, for me & for the site owners.

A short time ago, OL posted something preposterous about how progressives have the "right" to be condescending because most scientists are progressive Democrats. But just this weekend, a post was put up about how women (and I would add minorities) are treated in the hard sciences, with the conclusion that this is what conservative politics will get you. I don't think they realize how ridiculous they are, even while muddling around in contradition. First problem: posts should be authored by people who actually know something about the issue first-hand. I've got to stop following links -- waste of time.

As far as I'm concerned, there can be two progressive blogospheres: the one w/ real people and the other one w/ Axelrod astroturf, mouth breathers and transients who temporarily lost their way.

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Submitted by selise on

or maybe it's overblown egotism that honest dissent is important and can make a difference because ideas and values matter. also, i think that the main difference between the axelrod astroturf and the rest of the blogosphere is not the people but who has been targeted for co-option (i have no confidence i would not succumb to a serious political seduction, so how can i condemn those who have?).

not fair to you, or lambert, or the other commenters here.... but, although i read frequently, i rarely comment here except other than when i'm very down and/or fed up (elsewhere). little ray of sunshine i am not today. (natasha, of all people!, accused me of not wanting a good po and congratulated me that there wasn't one. if i though it would help i'd have left a link to my oxdown diary from last spring on hr 193 - a po i thought worth supporting).

but your argument about it being a waste of time is slowly sinking in. i really don't need that kind of bullying crap OL has been dishing out, especially right now.

so, as of today, no more OL clicks.... when there isn't a conversation, or sharing of independent info, when dissent is mischaracterized and made unwelcome.... i might as well be leaving comments at the wapo for all the good it does anyone, including me.

Submitted by lambert on

"Might as well be leaving comments at WaPo...."

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Submitted by selise on

i like the cross commenting better (and posts in response to posts) makes for a back and forth conversation rather than partially duplicate threads.

anyway, thanks lambert. your welcome, and not just to ian, is greatly appreciated as always.

Submitted by Anne on

better than anyone else's drug. You'll still be aware of what's wrong with your life and the government and the country, but you won't care anymore because you just feel so good, all the people taking it have that same look to them. Now all that's left is justifying your addiction to those who still have clear eyes and minds. Problem is, the justifications only make sense and sound good to the rest of the druggies.

They're addicts, with all the co-dependent, dysfunctional behavior and thinking that all addicts have.

They still think they're the smartest people in the room, but don't realize the Obama-contin is keeping them compliant and stupid and unable to be honest about much of anything.

No point arguing with them, as "rational" went out the window when the addiction took hold.

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Submitted by scoutt on

Yelling, pleading, begging and trying to have a rational discussion with them is useless. Truly. Just like addicts, they will ALWAYS find an excuse to protect and continue their love affair. The more they abandon themselves to the drug, the more vicious and irrational they become. Best to just disengage and pursue your own life/beliefs. There is nothing there with which you can really interact. It's the same pathetic and predictable song and dance.
Speaking of addicts - boy is that squeaky on TL a nasty person or what.

Submitted by jawbone on


I'd say commenting at both their sites is one way to open up the dialogue and bring more readers to places like Corrente, turn readers on to Ian and others writing in the wilderness, create a larger pool of aware readers, eventually politcal actors.

It's almost impossible to keep up with everything out there, and there are very good people posting at both places as well as others. So I see getting posts and comments in those places as one way to get ideas into wider discussion.

Sow the seeds, water them a bit now and then, and see how many share the resulting flowering of ideas.

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Submitted by john.halle on

The other way of looking at it is that the authentic left voices provide window dressing which allows Bowers et. al. to pursue what is, ultimately, a reactionary, corporatist agenda.

The former will be allowed to comment so long as criticisms remain within acceptable bounds.

Failure to respect these limits will result in banning-although generally it will be rationalized as enforcing "civility".

What's a bit surprising is that even with the continual purges of dissident voices, Bowers is still confronting plenty of push back on the thread in question.

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Submitted by john.halle on

What's needed over there is some mechanism to express solidarity with the banned and marginalized.

For example, how about if the remaining dissidents all change their screen names to Jeffroby or Lambert and post under that.

Another possibility is a petition demanding the reinstatement of those who have been banned for their expression of unwelcomed truths (I'm sure we could easily assemble a long list),

This could be continually linked to as a quick hit.

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Submitted by mass on

She's over there taking creidt for the direct student loan legislation. She argues it almost didn't pass?!? That's not, ya know, accurate. The direct student loan bill was gonna pass. Indeed, they attached the health leg to it because it, not the health insurance bill, had more support. The loan companies didn't even put up much of a fight because they knew they would still be administering the loans. This policy has been in the works for a very long time. It wasn't some huge battle once there were 50 Dems in the Senate and a Dem President. I'm baffled as to the argument they have been making over there that this almost didn't happen. It's just not true.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

and then taking credit for the thunderstorms that follow eventually.

The most important thing to her is the appearance of influence -- it's what keeps the money rolling in, and is the key to being invited on cable talk shows. Many people are not very good at distinguishing causation and correlation, so there's a lot she can take advantage of. Had the public option been part of the Health Care Whatever in the end, she certainly would have claimed credit for a great victory even though popular opinion and activism (or activity, to be more accurate) never had anything to do with what was going to end up in the bill.

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Submitted by votermom on

So bloggers are a sort of oracular priesthood? That's very apt, actually.

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Submitted by scoutt on

"Personality cult is the reputation of a single leader, often characterized as the "liberator" or "savior" of the people. The leader is elevated to an almost divine level. The leader's picture appears everywhere, as do statues and other monuments to the leader's greatness and wisdom. The leader's slogans and other quotes cover massive billboards...the level of flattery can reach heights which may appear absurd to outsiders.
... the leader propagandizes the citizens into believing that the leader operates as a kind and just ruler. In addition, cults of personality often arise out of an effort to quash opposition with humiliation and demonization."

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Submitted by basement angel on

the Bartcop forum the other day. I object to the using sexist rhetoric against Palin, which is against the TOU, and they come to the conclusion that I'm a racist teabagger - all the while explaining why calling women bitches and cunts isn't really misogynistic while calling African Americans niggers is racist.

Obama really has set this nation back 50 years.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

I've never been impressed with Bowers' flatulent writing so his "recent" behavior doesn't surprise me.

As long as you go there, you increase his hit total which gives him more credibility *and* more legacy party meme laundering money. Know who is reachable, quit wasting time on those who aren't. That's one of the first rules in campaigning. Bowers and most of his followers are part of the problem and aren't likely to be part of the space of individuals who will be on our side.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I don't begrudge anyone their success. I am glad they are making money. More important to build up the blogs that are still speaking truth to power, or at least trying to, than attacking those that lost their way.

one the other hand attacking HCAN't bloggers is irresisitable.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

True of the economic crooks and bloggers who try to sell "public option" as Medicare for all or otherwise cloud the situation to pass a Heritage Foundation shit sausage bill under the guise that its the best damn thing evah, historically historic.

I guess I pretty much disagree with you completely. These people are billing themselves as speaking truth to power, when they are merely Versailles meme launderers. Once their success began being used for ill purposes, well, I think its justifiable to begrudge people their "success".

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Submitted by okanogen on

Not monetary anyway.

That doesn't mean I think FDL is a blog based on speaking truth to power, (at least
not any longer), so basically FDL is not needing of any building up currently.

FDL is merely an alternative Democratic Party product. Like New Coke, or Cherry Coke or Neutria Coke or decalf half sugar/half high fructose corn syrup Coke, it is a niche product (or in this case "roach motel"). As long as you are buying Coke of some brand or formula, you are a customer, and since brand affiliation is one of the strongest means of self-identity, it isn't easily thrown out.

I.e. it is way, way easier for a customer to be weaned back to the Coke product, or kept in the Coke fold (as its products change over time) if they can go from the glass-bottle sugar cane product of 30 years ago, to a New Coke drinker, to a "Classic" Coke drinker, to a Mexican Coke drinker. Plus, with a diverse customer (voter) base, you have to keep even niche customers buying your product.

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Submitted by Jeff W on

Chris's self-exonerating defensiveness is, well, excruciating. mass's pithy assessment—"What a total jerk"—is mine as well.

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Submitted by wrensis on

I stop reading when the blog becomes the vehicle for the importance of the blogger. I have seen it happen over and over. They begin with the issue is important BUT I am more important. I also believe that having shoved Obama down everyones throats during the primaries. Many bloggers have to justify their culpability in the failures of change.

I was recently chastised for stating I would not longer vote for the lesse of two evils and my commitment questioned after years of doing everything I can to promote Civil rights, Women's right's Immigration rights and damn near every thing else that seemed to be a windmill that needed tilting. I cannot help but resent that those of us upon whose shoulders these brilliant blogger stand cannot, or will not listen to anyone who is not preaching to their choir. After 50 + years of supporting change I can believe in I have earned my right to an opinion.

Thanks I needed that *smile*