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Romney on CBS: First budget cuts-Obamacare, PBS, Amtrak, support for arts and humanities

Hhhmmm...Romney in an interview with Scott Pelley this evening on CBS News said that his first cuts to the Federal budget will be "Obamacare, PBS, Amtrak, support for the arts."

Maybe PBS and NPR won't be covering conventions in 4 years if Romney and Ryan have their way.

"The right way to balance a budget really has two prongs," Romney said during a wide-raning interview with Pelley last week. "One is to do those things that encourage the growth of the economy. So, you do things to get small businesses growing and adding-- adding jobs. But you also go through and say which of those things that you should take out of the budget that are no longer essential. The easiest for me to knock out is Obamacare. It's about $100 billion a year. We simply can't afford it. But there are other subsidies that I think you're going to find that we take out."

Asked for specifics, Romney listed "the subsidy for PBS, the subsidy for Amtrak, the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts" and "the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Humanities."

Pressed by Pelley to expand on his answer, Romney also noted changes to how the nation funds Medicaid.

"Let's keep going," he said. "$100 billion a year comes by taking Medicaid, which is the health care program for the poor as well as food stamps, and housing vouchers, and sending those back to the states, and growing them at the rate of inflation, or inflation plus 1 percent in the case of Medicaid," said Romney. "And I think states can do a better job managing those - those efforts - than can the federal government."

So, if parents don't have the wherewithal to take their children to arts productions, let them watch junk TV. Like, who needs quality children's programming?

BTW, I'm pretty sure for Romney PBS covers both TV and radio. Off with their funding!