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Roger Cohen's Anus or Yucca Mountain?

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New York Times' contributer Roger Cohen wants the United States to follow France's lead and develop more nuclear power plants. His one nod to the issue of safe disposal of nuclear waste can best be summed up by utilizing the Underpants Gnomes Methodology:

Phase 1: More nuclear power plants, replete with more nuclear waste that must be safely disposed of.

Phase II:

Phase III: Clean energy for all Americans!

I humbly suggest that Mr. Cohen volunteer his anus as a repository to store all of the spent fuel cells. The whole idea has a kind of French feel to it. Or maybe I dreamed it.


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I don't think that new nukes are such a bad idea. Spent fuel storage is not the horrible issue that people like to make it out to be. New nukes are likely safer - cradle to grave - than new coal plants.

The main problem (as I see it) is that we can't go cold turkey off of existing tech while sumultaneously developing the next generation of energy tech. Things change organically, and rarely does that happen quickly. We won't just make a state change from one kind of infrastructure to another. We would never get agreement, consensus, largely because of all the unknowns, the major one of which is cost. No distributed energy solution is going to be cheap, even by nuclear plant standards.

So while Cohen may be a tool, that doesn't make him automatically wrong on this issue.


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Tell me that nuclear waste is safe. Tell me it doesn't have the capacity to leach into the ground and into the water and into our DNA. Sing to me sweet, soft cosmic energy songs that caress us softly into the radiant goodnight, lest we live in darkness or anything less than 68 degrees in winter or 72 degrees in summer.

Split your family apart and the resulting oscillation fills your life screen to the end of the credits. Take a downward thrust of an axe,
split the wood as splinters fly, fire will corrupt them all the faster. Agitate and deify isolated subatomic particles at the edge of everything and then speak the prose of sweet nothings. Enjoy.

It's not so much that the cockroaches are going to win, it's just that the final score isn't even going to be close.