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Roberts Court throws working women under the bus in pro-WalMart decision

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Submitted by jumpjet on

it would be John Roberts. He seems to be single-handedly dismantling the few protections the US still has against corporate feudalism.

I'm hard pressed to say whether he or Obama has done more damage at this point. They're pretty close.

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Submitted by Eureka Springs on

So when will individual and organized labor and at least half the lawyers abandon both criminal monied parties once and for all? When will one party stand up and impeach or demand resignation of Thomas (see NYT yesterday on his wife's financial shenanigans)? When will people stop shopping at wal-mart?

Submitted by jawbone on

several sub-classes of the large class originally put together. With so much of the groundwork done all ready, that might be very doable.

I haven't yet read any analyses which say the door was completely shut, just that the Supremes said the original class was way too disparate and thus did not fit the class action requirements. Nothing was said about what would please this court as to class definitions.

If the decision actually results in one disciminated worker/one suit, then ALL workers are well and truly screwed.