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Robert Prasch on Obama's SOTU address

Robert Prasch has what I think is a pretty good piece on Obama's SOTU address over at Translation Exercises, if anyone wants to mosey on over there. I am not at all familiar with Robert Prasch, so I would welcome the reaction of Correntians who are well-versed in economics to his work. I did note that John Medaille, who runs Front Porch Republic, wrote a favorable review of Prasch's book, How Markets Work: Supply, Demand, and the 'Real World'. Medaille, if memory serves me correctly, is a strong proponent of Catholic social justice. He may be a conservative, but I can live with his brand of conservatism very well. It's been a few years since I made a habit of following Front Porch Republic, but I think this country would be a whole lot better off if we had more of those kinds of people in the Republican Party.