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Robert Allbritton's and John Harris racist screed

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Well technically it is Rich Lowry's racist screed. It is yet another blacks only care if police kill blacks, not when blacks kill blacks. It is yet another attempt to deflect public attention from police brutality. Shame on Albritton and Harris for publishing it. Harris could have politely said this really isn't right for a Politico audience. But no, Albritton and Harris hate poor people and they especially hate poor black people. If they didn't, Politico would be a completely different publication.

As a resident of a black neighborhood I have strong views about the black response to deadly violence. If Albritton or Harris ever walked through my neighborhood, they would see impromptu memorials consisting of flowers and teddy bears, occasionally photos that obviously mark the spot where someone was murdered. They would also see people, mostly young men, wearing memorial T-shirts. These have a name and dates, usually with a shocking small gap, along with flowers and some phrase such as Precious Lord or possibly a bible verse. It is DC's most poignant fashion. Think about that. Violent death is so common that memorial T-shirts are a business model. But you can believe that neither Albritton nor Harris have ever seen a memorial T-shit.

In London there is a huge ghetto or immigrants from the West Indies. There is a high rate of unemployment and high crime. But there homicide is rare. Why is London so different? Because people in London don't have guns. The reason there is so much violence in my neighborhood is that gun running is a billion dollar business in the US and nobody cares because the vast majority of victims are poor people.

When Bill Clinton became President he changed the system at ATF. Before Clinton inspection of gun dealers was random. Clinton changed that to start tracing guns involved in crimes back to the dealers. Lo and behold it turned out that most of the guns used in crimes were coming from a small group of dealers who clearly specialized in gun running. There is no doubt in my mind that the steep drop in homicide achieved in Clinton's first year of office was because he shut down all those gun runners. But Clinton never got any credit for that because the lives he was saving all lived in poor neighborhoods and people like Albritton and Harris could care less if people in those neighborhoods are getting murdered.

But the gun runners noticed, and they took action. When the Republicans took over in 1995 they passed the Tiahrt Amendments which basically make it impossible to trace a gun used in a crime back to its dealer. The Tiahrt Amendments mean that you can run guns with impunity. Now Harris could explain that to his readers, but since most of the people getting killed live in the neighborhoods he avoids, he really does not care if some gun runner in Virginia gets rich off of killing people in DC.

Remember the Beltway Sniper? The pair who spent October of 2002 driving around shooting people? It turns out that John Muhammed was under a restraining order. Muhammed obtained the rifle from a store in Seattle. Now Washington state prohibits the sale of guns to anyone under a restraining order. So how did Muhammed obtain the gun? It can't be proved, but the assumption is that it was an under the table purchase, unrecorded. The family of the victim shot in Manassass sued the dealer for carelessness. And how did Congress respond? By passing theProtection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act . And who sponsored this monstrosity? None other than the then Representative from Manassass, Tom Davis. So, if you have ever wondered which a member of Congress would choose, their life or their campaign contribution, you have your answer: campaign contributions.

But to return to my original point, I guarantee that both Allbritton and Harris spent October 2002 hiding under their beds like the rest of us. But neither has any desire to inform their reader how the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act makes another sniper incident more likely.

One of the things that has me so worried is that our entire elite have become completely dysfunctional. They have lost any ability to tell the truth, to self-correct. Things are spinning out of control.

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